Real Estate Photos Taking A New Turn

Creating virtual tours of homes

Covid-19 has spread throughout our world, and many people are staying at home because of it. Right now, there is more need than ever to create virtual tours for people to view and walk around inside of their own homes. We are focused on flattening the curve and preventing this vicious virus’s spread, but many of us are becoming anxious. Many people who planned on moving before the outbreak are now trying to move once again. However, many of those people aren’t able to tour the homes as they once did. This is where 3D laser scanning comes in.

3D laser scanning and photography allow every inch of the house to be captured and turned into virtual reality. This helps the house be put on the market, virtual tours to be seen, and the houses to sell faster. We are actively finding ways to stay socially distant. Still, we continue our lives, and this technology has been a huge help in many different ways during this pandemic. In previous pandemics, we did not have this amazing technology, and things were a lot harder to do. 3D laser scanning is opening up a world of possibilities.

EGP TechnoVirtuel Inc. has tapped into this new world full force and provided new 3D laser scanning devices to real estate photographers. It pairs 360 cameras with 3D laser scanning and allows all of the images to be developed rapidly. On top of that, it is some of the most accurate technology anyone could use. The scenes that are developed are precise representations of the actual layout.

“As 3D virtual tours are now becoming the norm in the real estate industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more photographers are competing on virtual 3D tour prices to attract and retain agents. High-volume photography businesses need greater production efficiency in shootings, faster delivery time, appropriate margins, and added value to stay competitive. Urbanimmersive has proved to exceed all these criteria thanks to their very unique platform integrating customized and branded property websites, 3D tours, 3D Pocket Websites™ and integrated floor plans.” Says the president of the company.

How does this technology work

3D laser scanning works by taking rapid pictures of an object or scene. There are also small lasers that sense things around the room. Those lasers are being measured by the distance they travel and collect all of that information.

This technology collects information like textures, colors, dimensions, widths, and most measurements. This is one of the best tools for designers to use and even real estate photographers because it collects all of the small corners that are typically hard to get.

Final thoughts

There are so many ways that 3D laser scanning has shaped the way we do things during COVID-19. Now, when we want to stay distant but start living normally, we must use these tools. It will help us get out of the house in a different way than we could ever imagine. Soon this technology will be seen in schools, used by students, and used by anyone trying to deal with the effects of COVID.

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