Reshaping Zoom Meetings With 3D Laser Scanning

As close to 'being there' when you're really not

There are so many amazing things that someone or a company can do with 3D laser scanning. It has helped reshape online shopping and video games, and now it allows us to interact in meetings when we have to stay at home. One company is using it to update their virtual meetings and take their entire team to the next level even when having to be at home. 

There is nothing worse than getting on a zoom meeting and realizing the entire company you work for can see your messy home, your joggers, and pretty much everything you never wanted to see. Virtual seminars for work are now a thing. The team gets a virtual headset, and instead of everyone seeing your personal space, you get ‘transported’ to the seminar! This uses all of the latest technology that partners with 3D laser scanning to make the most of a team meeting. 

Expanding to virtual reality during this time can be life-changing for many people. It can allow us to connect without being near each other, and it can help give us human interaction when we most certainly need it. This can be the best way to have a company stay connected without feeling insecure. We have 3D laser scanning to thank for that. 

How does virtual reality work with 3D laser scanning 

Both technologies are some of the most advanced globally, and believe it or not, they are not that old, and it is a raging topic. 3D laser scanning is one of the hottest topics in the world because it is a booming industry. Everyone wants to stay on top of the latest technological trends. This is definitely a trend that won’t be dying out anytime soon. So how does it work with virtual reality?

Virtual reality looks like the real world, or wherever you are supposed to be only, it is in the digital world and can be made to look any way you want. How does someone make it look like a real place? A developer or designer of the virtual world will use 3D laser scanning to collect information on a real area. 

A 3D laser scanning device usually comes in the form of a handheld device that takes rapid pictures of a very large or small space. The information gets collected and saved to the cloud, then through a partnering system, the information can be edited. After that, it can be sent to another system that can connect all users. Anyone with a VR headset can access this space. This makes it perfect for team meetings, seminars, or how about teaching a class?

This could take out education system to the next level. Virtual reality could easily mimic a classroom all without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. Pairing 3D laser scanning and virtual reality could lead to some amazing advantages that we have never thought of before. 

Final thoughts

This technology could not have come at a better time. We are focused on the coronavirus, keeping socially distant but still trying to connect with others. What if this was the best way for us to interact with each other while flattening the curve? Will this be the first of many seminars done in the virtual world?

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