Reverse Engineering Services

We perform reverse engineering of parts, prototypes, sculptures, tooling and other items. We use high-precision 3D laser scanning to create accurate 3D models. This process is useful for replicating parts, capturing existing parts for future records, comparing idealized parts to as-built parts to analyze for defects such as wear or deformation, and more.

3d scanner for reverse engineering parts
State of the art 3d scanner



The 3D scanner produces a point cloud which is of little use on its own. Point clouds must be converted to the desired deliverable, whether it be a NURBS autosurface or a parametric (feature-based) 3D model. Parametric 3D models can be created in a variety of standard formats including SolidWorks, STP, IGES, DWG and more. Applications include small items such as a mechanical part, prototype, sculpture, or tooling, or large parts such as machines or large equipment.

4-step process to get from scan to finished CAD model

The video below on Reverse Engineering Services parts will help explain the process.

Areas served include Tulsa, Dallas, Orange County, Los Angeles, Fayetteville, Kansas City, Wichita, Boston and New Orleans Louisiana.

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