Robotic Prosthetic Arm Made With 3D Scanning

A 3d Scanning services has a prosthetic option

We take a lot of things for granted. As they say, you don’t know what you have until it is gone. There are some people who lack some of the most basic tools in life; hands and arms. Sometimes There are people in this word who for some reason have a missing arm. It could be a birth defect or caused by some tragedy, There are two choices for them. They can either learn to deal with life without it, or they can get a prosthetic. Some people have learned to deal without, and got along just fine. There are some people who have learned to use their feet instead of their hands, and they seem to do just as well. I find that quite amazing. Others, on the other hand, have found a prosthetic that helps them make up for the missing limb. The problem with prosthetics is that they are so expensive. To help with that problem is a company called Unlimited Tomorrow, which is doing its best to provide amputees with low cost robotic prosthetics arms using 3D scanning services.

The man with the 3D Scanning idea

It all started with a young boy named Easton LaChapelle and his interest in robotics. What started out as just a hobby for building mechanical arms developed into something that can really help those who need a good prosthetic arm. Eaton came to see that there was a need for something much more affordable than the ones available that cost tens of thousands of dollars. He set his mind to produce something that was useful and affordable. That is exactly what he has done with Unlimited Tomorrow by creating a robotic prosthetic hand made using 3D scanning services. His work did not go without notice either. It even drew the attention of former president Obama himself. It also drew an invitation from NASA to have him work on a robotics project.The project for the robotic prosthetic hand also received a lot of funding from companies who believe in what he is doing.

Recreating a limb with 3D scanning services

The prosthetic hand that his company has created is made using some of the latest technologies like 3D scanning services and 3D printing. 3D scanning is used in order to replicate the opposite arm so that it takes on the same basic shape as the other. 3D printing is what is used to recreate the shape of the arm. It also can create a prosthetic arm that has the same skin color. The prosthetic arm that he designed was done from scratch. It was all his work from the idea to all the circuit boards. It also has magnetic finger tips and has wireless charging.

While we may just see this as an interesting story, these kinds of ideas are life-changing for some people. We should be proud of guys like Eaton who uses his smarts to help other people overcome obstacles. He really did a good job of putting 3D scanning services combined with other technologies to good use. We should all give him a hand for it.

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