SAIA 3D Scanning Artificial Intelligence For Apparel

A 3d Scanning services eliminates a problem

Buying clothing online comes with the big risk that whatever it is, it might not fit. In that case, you might as well buy a few sizes and then return the ones that don’t fit. That sounds like a good idea from the consumer’s end. It is not such a good deal for the sellers who have to deal with the returned items. In fact, it takes a chunk out of their profit. We know that online shopping is not something that is going to lose steam. On the contrary, people are going to turn to internet purchases more and more. There is therefore a need to deal with this problem. There needs to be a way that customers can know if the clothes will fit before they click purchase. There is one 3D scanning services company now that is figuring out a way to eliminate this problem. They are using a software called SAIA, which stands for Scanning Artificial Intelligence for Apparel.

Try virtually before you buy with 3D Scanning services

They use 3D scanning services technology to find the best fit for customers. The problem with clothing these days is that the only way to know if something fits is to try it on. The size on the back of the tag doesn’t always work because there is not a universal standard for clothes between brands. If you are familiar with a brand, that’s fine. As soon as you change brands, though, the numbers don’t mean the same. This is what causes the headache for online retailers. How can customers know what they are getting until they try it on. It is for this reason why the company 3DLook came up with a technological solution that uses 3D scanning services to scan the exact sizes of people’s bodies, so that they can know for sure what fits and what doesn’t before they purchase something.

Do it all from home

3D body scanning is what they call it. The name says it all. You take a 3D scanner and use it to find the exact measurements of your body. That information is used by the seller to tell you the size item you can wear. It’s like a virtual dressing room without all of the hassle. The software SAIA is quite user friendly, too. The best thing about it is that it takes no special equipment to do it. All that you need is your mobile device. Once you have set up an account with their software, you then load photos of yourself for the company. From there the retailer can show your which clothing options are best for you.

This is a much needed technology for the clothing industry. It is one more example of how 3D scanning services is serving retailers. A lot of shoppers will have a lot more confidence in their purchases because of this, and not have to go through the trouble of shipping something back. So, the next time you go to make a clothing purchase online, be sure that you check to see if you can use SAIA. It will save everyone a lot of hassle.

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