Seattle Company Is Bringing Its 3D Laser Scanning Services to Boise

Datum Tech's Founders Grew Up In Idaho

Datum Tech Solutions is a 3D laser scanning services company that does construction surveying. It was started in Seattle and they are now expanding to Boise, Idaho, to cover a large area with drones and help construction teams move faster. In addition, Datum Tech can environmentally scan the surrounding area and create 3D maps that can help create a construction plan more efficiently than previous ways of creating plans. 

Stanley and Amy Lawrence are the founders of Datum Tech, and Stanley decided to bring their company to Idaho because that is where he grew up. The team has been very excited to bring new technology and services to the area to help boost the local economy. It can expand construction teams’ tools and solutions to develop better plans for future roads, houses, and towns. 

Boise is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, and bringing 3D laser scanning services to the area can help them keep up with the growth. In addition, this technology can help them solve problems that construction crews did not know existed. They have been excited to take on this new adventure to see what they can bring to the Boise area. 

“Stan grew up in Idaho and has always wanted to find a way to return. He has a strong and wide network here, and we are excited to bring our technology and services to the local economy.” Says Amy Lawrence. There is tons of opportunity to network and grow the business in a developing area. 

How are drones connected to 3D laser scanning?

Many companies have learned that combining point cloud data with drone photogrammetry has been one of the best solutions for 3D mapping. For example, some companies take individual 3D laser scanning devices and physically attach them to drones to fly back and forth over an area. This partnership has been incredibly impressive and helps capture details of an entire layout or even a very tall building. 

What can 3D laser scanning services do for construction?

3D laser scanning has been one of a kind tool for construction companies. It has allowed them to work faster than ever before, but you may be wondering how that’s possible. It’s a solution that will enable the team to scan the area rapidly and capture accurate information they would not typically have access to. 

The precision from 3D laser scanning allows the team to see all problem areas before starting their job. They can easily create plans that solve the biggest problems first, which helps them get the entire job done quicker. It makes them more productive, earns more money, and can help them understand what steps need to be done. 

Final thoughts

There is no doubt we will see significant developments in the Boise area. In the next few years, we will continue to see this city expand in extraordinary ways, and we will see more construction teams turn to Datum Tech Solutions for the latest technology.

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