Should your Petroleum Company Be Using 3D Laser Scanning?

June 2, 2018


When it comes to the Petroleum industry, there is no such thing as a “perfect” facility. This is because oil and gas companies have to make constant adjustments to make sure their facility is running safely, up-to-date, and efficiently. This means lots maintenance and inspection needs to happen regularly. To make inspections easier, it can be useful to conduct a 3D laser scanning of the facility. A scan of the facility can provide valuable information about your plant which you can then use to make plans to increase in safety, efficiency, and decrease cost of operation. Portable 3D scanners collect all its data remotely, which means there’s no need to climb up and down ladders around dangerous or faulty pipelines. 

why petroleum industries should consider 3D laser scanning for their next maintenance and inspection period:

1. Reduced & Informed Planning Time

A workable and robust plan is crucial to ensure a smoother running of a project and the same holds true for a petroleum company. Having a great map of the plant allows companies to make important decisions about their facility operations. Using 3D laser scanning, companies can safeguard the facility against geometrical errors and ensure that the designs of the existing layout are precise and exact. 3D technology reduces the planning time and allows companies to make more informed decisions about the plant. Quicker implementation of projects allows substantial financial benefits and focuses on risk mitigation in the facility. 

2. Impressive Equipment Inspections

At a petroleum facility, quality equipment is the backbone of all oil and gas operations. Modifications to equipment are inevitable and essential to meet demands of production, prolong lifetime extension, and keep the facility up-to-date. A quality 3D scan can help identify potential problems and ensure the company meets quality standards. Inspection and metrology services are quite common for 3D scanning companies to take on. Check out this scan of an industrial plant here

3. 3d laser scanning helps prevent delays and mistakes

The last thing which petroleum facilities are likely to face is unprecedented issues. A new problem at the facility can lead from mild to severe complications in operations. Under such scenarios, companies may end up scrapping their projects because a rock-solid solution is unavailable. The delay and changes in the plans cost time, money, and investment. This predicament can be avoided by having more knowledge about your facility. Using a model from a 3D laser scanning can help prevent—even eliminate—problems before they occur.

With laser scanning, petroleum companies can ensure a high-quality facility that closely adheres to initial project schedule and cost.


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