For 3D Printing in Tulsa, call 918-406-5002 and check out or low pricing and quick turnaround. You can quickly receive plastic models of your parts that are accurate and durable. Our ABS and polyjet printers are among the best in the business and deliver high end results for a competitive price.

3D print Objet Veroclear
3D printed optical prototype in clear material

Why choose a professional 3D printing company? High quality, professional equipment means:

  • Stable materials – no shrinkage
  • Better surface finish
  • Better accuracy and repeatability

For super-high resolution parts, you can get parts with .0006″ layer height that work perfectly for close tolerance, high detailed prototypes.

Call us and get it right the first time!

3D Printing Services
3D printed polyjet parts for accurate, detailed and smooth-finished parts available in 5 colors
Stratasys FDM 3D-printed part
3D printed ABS part in blue color

3D Printing Tulsa