Startup Creates 3D Printed Sustainable Hotels Using 3D Laser Scanning Services

Expansion Planned as Investor Base Grows

You may have heard of the latest startup company building 3D printed hotels with the help of 3D laser scanning. Habitas is the latest company to achieve what millennials want, a place to go to connect, a place for the soul. They are achieving this while still keeping sustainability in mind. Now, they are growing, expanding, and gathering more investors while using 3D laser scanning services.

A few investors include the co-founder of Tinder, the famous dating app, and the co-founder of Uber. Two massive companies in the United States are backing up this new blooming company. They love the idea that this is a resort for the soul, where people can connect, and the fact that it is using some of the latest technology. 

Though the rooms are 3D printed with the help of 3D laser scanning, that is not the main focus. The goal is to create an emotional connection for each of us to value an experience and focus on human interaction. It’s not fancy, but it’s focused on health and wellness. 

When to expect the latest hotels

Each hotel room is built together like a Lego home. It uses 3D laser scanning services to scan the location to get accurate measurements and each room’s size. The information is transferred to a CAD or computer-aided-design software where the data can be edited. The 3D printer reads the information and starts building layer by layer, creating the room’s base and structure. 

Using 3D printing, they can get the hotel up and running in just a few months, even with 100 rooms that need to be built. 3D technology can change the way we make things and how fast they are built.

Who else is using 3D laser scanning services?

This cutting-edge technology is tremendous for many people, but it is instrumental in construction. So many teams worldwide have adopted this technology to help new construction get going. 3D laser scanning paired with 3D printing has been the combination we have all been waiting for. 

People are using this technology to scan homes that have been destroyed. This allows them to see what the structure was like and how they can fix it. 3D printing can enable them to see the most accessible materials and then build a mini model to test the best solutions. From there, they can help rebuild homes that will stand through natural disasters like earthquakes. 

A company founded in California has a mission of making tiny sustainable homes. These homes come bare but could easily be installed with running water and electricity. The homes can be created in less time and for way less money than an average home. 

3D laser scanning services and printing is changing the way we build houses. We can look towards a future with sustainable homes for less money without harming ourselves or the environment. 

Final thoughts

There has never been a duo like 3D printing or 3D laser scanning services. This combination has created the perfect solution to build things faster and more sustainably. We can’t wait to see what these new luxury resorts look like with this technology’s help. 

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