Technology Helping minimize the Spread of Infection

Potentially saving thousands of lives

As COVID-19 spreads globally and the number of positive cases increases daily, hospitals are finding they lack medical equipment. COVID-19 has spread much farther and faster than anyone could have thought. Our hospitals are now suffering from how unprepared the world was. There isn’t enough made, and there aren’t enough ways to keep our doctors and nurses safe in this trying time.

The technological field has seen this, and companies are switching gears and changing focus to help during this scary time. We must find ways throughout the globe to create and make new products that will help fight this terrible virus.

Shining 3D is the latest technology company that has stepped in to help fight this pandemic. This company focuses on additive manufacturing using 3D laser scanning and printing. These technologies can be implemented in the medical field to help create supplies for the demand this virus has caused.

3D laser scanning and printing have created a way for a company to produce supplies in a sustainable way that is customized to a person. This technology can help develop goggles that will help prevent the virus from getting into people’s eyes.

Another fantastic thing about this technology is that by using 3D laser scanning and printing, you take the human interaction out of the process. It can be done without human touching and gathering measurements. This will help minimize the spread of the disease. The less a person touches the equipment, the more sanitary it becomes. This could save thousands of lives.

What is 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning is the act of taking hundreds of pictures per second, thousands per minute. It captures small detail and from the pictures. This allows a user to study and observe the features that have been collected.

It gathers information like scratches, dimensions, texture, color, and size. That information is sent to a system where it can be edited and printed. This information helps create customized and comfortable gear for nurses and doctors.

3D laser scanning is easy to use and can be installed in most workplaces for quick and easy manufacturing. This technology creates sustainable products that create safe equipment for others to use. 3D laser scanning is one of the most valuable tools on the market.

When was it invented

3D laser scanning was created in the 1960s but never gained adoption until the late 1990s. It started out as big cameras that gathered information on an object and were downloaded on a computer in 2D form. Since then, it has developed into fantastic technology.

How this technology can help

This technology has advanced and developed in so many ways. 3D laser scanning has created a means for us to become sustainable and prevent this virus from spreading. It will become adopted in more places throughout the world because it is easy to use and budget-friendly.

Once people see the benefits of this incredible technology, they will start using it rapidly to make the equipment needed to save our doctors and support our healthcare system. They continuously fight for us, and not it is technologies turn to help them.

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