The Fleet That Fits Your Foot With 3D Scanning Services

3d scanning services that knows your feet

“Look’em in the eye” they always told me. That was the way that you showed confidence and respect to other people. I suppose that is true and I would probably add that a good look in the eye should be accompanied by a good firm handshake. When it comes to fitting your feet into the right pair of shoes, a look in the eye and a firm handshake won’t cut it. You need someone to look you in the foot.” Fortunately there is a footwear company that is taking that idea seriously. There is a shoe company is doing what it takes to get people back on a more comfortable foot. They are doing it by using 3D scanning services.

A fitting Fleet

The company’s name is Fleet Feet. They seem to be a step ahead of the rest by looking into new innovative ways to get peoples’ feet to fit. Is it get the foot to fit or get a fit for the foot? I don’t know. All I know is that whether the shoe fits or not, everyone is probably going to wear it. Therefore,  you might as well make it fit. This company is using 3D scanning services technology to replace all of those old methods to try and give you the right fit. Whenever I would go to the shoe store as a kid with my mom and the salesperson would always help us. They would bring out one of those Braddock metal measuring devices. I’d stick my food on it and they would slide a few knobs. It wasn’t too high tech. All it would give is two measurements. Nowadays we are left to ourselves to find the right shoe. It looks like the Fleet Feet fleet is not happy with the way things have gone and they are putting their foot down. 

Make a foot model with 3D scanning

How is this company making shoe fitting better with 3D scanning services? That should not be hard to answer. They are using a 3D scanner device that checks out your feet. The device is called Fit ID. The things looks kind of like a bathroom scale that you stand on. Each corner of the platform has a camera that takes pictures of your feet. Those pictures can then be used to create a 3D computer model of your feet. That computerized model then can easily be used to calculate every dimension of your feet so that they can figure out exactly what kind of shoe you need.

The right technology applied to the right problem, is exactly what 3D scanning services is doing to the shoe industry. This technology will not only help customers find a the right shoe for their feet, but it will help manufacturers make the right shoe. I don’t think it will be long before we see shoes being custom made for each individual customer. 3D printing technology is going to make this a reality I believe. So the next time you go into that shoe store that uses Fit ID, look then in the eye and say thanks for looking out for my feet.

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