Unleash Your Inner Artist Using 3D Printing

May 30, 2018


In today’s fast-paced world, 3D printing is helping turn every vision into reality. From designers to students, 3D printers transform ideas, expand horizons, and foster a culture of aesthetic innovation. Whether you’re a professional or amateur, you can create exciting projects and bring your imagination to life using additive manufacturing.

Here are a few ways to 3D printing is valuable in the art world:

1) 3D Printing Sparks Creativity

Today in the art world, 3D printing is a new kind of art form. New designs and new patterns are possible, bridging the gap between imagination and reality. Go ahead, feel free to dream. The growing use of technology has allowed artistic professionals to create designs of the future. Take for instance Iris van Herpen’s application of 3D printing to create her 2018 Spring Couture collection. Her nature-inspired 3D printed dress captured complicated textures and patterns in a new, created material. Who would’ve thought that plastic polymers would create something so unique and special? 3D technology offers the possibility of indefinite design solutions and artists can now create with accuracy in an exciting way.  New artists can definitely leave their mark on in this growing industry.

2) 3d technology creates a buzz

The 3D technology gives the students to take their designs and creativity to the next level by giving them the power to experience the model at the initial stage. Additive manufacturing empowers the students to understand their design layer by layer. Furthermore, the 3D technology introduces a ‘It’ factor in a dull subject matter. Today, students can easily fabricate their designs before their presentation and win accolades from their classmates and teachers. Also, studying a 3D model is more straightforward and more accessible than a conventional 2D model. 

3) New innovations, without the carbon footprint

With 3D printing, manufacturing companies have access to explore new innovations without making a large carbon footprint. 3D printed projects create less overall waste compared to conventional methods. Additionally, reusing the materials is simple and helps in protecting the environment.

Today, additive manufacturing empowers you to turn imagination into reality within a few seconds. Unleash your hidden creativity and create new models, new designs, new solutions.


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