Using 3D Laser Scanning in the Medical Industry

3D laser scanning is growing in popularity in the medical industry and for good reason, too. There is a broad range of applications and benefits, such as customized implants for patients, increasing the range of data acquisition and enhancing communication within the medical community. With the help of 3D scanners, doctors are increasing and improving the efficiency of medical care. 


Benefits of 3D laser scanning in the medical sector:

1. 3D Laser Scanning Creates Custom Implants

The basic purpose behind an implant is to replace a functional part of the body. It’s vital that the implant is accepted by the body. If your body reacts poorly, it will try to eject the implant on it’s own. Not a pleasant experience. Traditionally, custom implants are expensive to make. Medical implant manufacturers spend too much money on R&D to come out with replicas of functional body parts for each patient. Using 3D laser scanning, the accuracy of the implant shapes of the implants can be improved and with lower cost than the traditional methods. In the coming years, the industry working towards generating new materials and improve reactivity for implants. We’re likely to see accurate, custom implants being created within a few hours.  


2.3D Laser Scanning Assists Preclinical Testing

For practical reasons, doctors rarely can practice operations and surgeries on real patients. As each human body is different, there may be challenges and unforeseen difficulties in surgery. Although doctors rehearse many potential outcomes before beginning surgery, preclinical testing is always a valuable tool. Now preclinical testing can be even more accurate. 3D laser scanners can capture the patients unique body, which surgeons can then use to study, analyze and rehearse before a surgery in real time. This meaningful data can help prepare even the most expert surgeons before an operation. 

3. 3D Laser Scanning Reduces the Dependency on Donors

Many people around the world need surgeries, but there aren’t enough donors. Instead, each family waits anxiously to hear whether or not they’ve made it to the top of the waitlist and if that organ will be a match. In the coming years, 3D laser scanning technology is likely to reduce the dependency on donors by providing information to 3D print bone grafts and create customized parts to fit each body. This would save hundreds of lives across the globe.

3D laser scanning in the medical field has many amazing applications. Hopefully, it’s applications and solutions will make healthcare more affordable and more accessible to all who need it. We believe technologies like 3D laser scanning will change the face of medicine.


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