Using 3d scanning to replicate pets

3D scanning for fido

We have all heard the hyperbolic expression “everyone and their dog”, right? We’ll the world of 3D scanning services is about to adopt that expression. 3D scanning is being used in every type of field today, including aerospace, auto manufacturing, petroleum, refineries, chemical plants, power plants, and many more. In other words, people are scanning everything and their dog. Actually that statement is not at all a hyperbole. I know this may sound strange, but people are actually using 3D scanning their pets. They are giving Woofy a virtual home.

we love our pets

Although it all sounds weird, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise to any of us.  We have all seen this before. You probably all have a neighbor or two who dresses the poodle up with boots, bells, and a hat. We have all seen family pictures where there in the middle is the dog included in the matching dress up. The fact is that people find their pets to be cute, and they love to look at them. 3D scanning services gives people a way to look at their pet, not just in on a flat picture, but in 3D living color. Instead of trying to remember what Fido looked like from those old pictures, he can be crystalized in 3D forever by using 3D scanning services. Such 3D images give you an exact replica of Rover which you can rotate and view at any angle

GOing too far with 3D scanning?

While I find it cool just because of the fact that today’s technology allows us to do this, I also find it a little bit overboard.  Some people are taking it a little too far by having their pet scanned before it dies, and then print out a life-sized replica of the pet to set somewhere in the house as if it could really replace Scruffy. That is a bit freaky. It is okay to miss your dog, but there is also something call “letting go”. It’s good to have memories of pets, but a statue made in its remembrance is strange. Besides, the next pet may feel a bit jealous if there is a 3D laser scanned image of the last guy.  It’s Arfy’s turn to be loved.

Everybody's doing it

Before we go laughing and pointing fingers, it should be noted that big shots like CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg had one of his pets 3D scanned. He had a full-sized copy of his dog printed for its 6th birthday (I’m sure the dog was beside himself). So there are definitely people out there who are interested in doing this. And there are guys like Brian Burke, who started out in the pet photography business and then put his entrepreneurial skills to work to start a 3D laser scanning service business. Burke uses multiple cameras to capture images of the pet from many angles. From there, he uses a computer to put together a 3D model. All this can be done for a little over a hundred dollars.

I must admit that my first reaction to hearing about 3D scanning your pet sounded weird, but then I remembered that most things when they first come our seem a little strange. Whatever the case is, it should would be better that hiring a taxidermist to have Fido stuffed.

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