Waste Cleanup Helped By 3D Laser Scanning Services

Trash becomes a 3D laser scanning burden

We’ve all heard the expression “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?” Well, that may be true is some cases, but it’s not true everywhere.  Some junk is just junk. Nobody really wants junk. It needs to be dealt with. That is exactly what is happening in India. People are throwing out their garbage and it is starting to pile up. It is piling up so bad that the authorities in charge of cleanup are looking for solutions to get things cleaned up. One solution that they are turning to is one that most people would not suspect. They are turning to 3D laser scanning services.

Need a 3D laser scanning plan for the trash can

Cleaning up garbage is a big job. We should remember that India has a lot more people to deal with before we start criticizing, though. A lot more people means a lot more garbage to deal with. Tons and tons of garbage is getting piled in the streets because some people are dumping their junk illegally. Therefore, the authorities are looking to find out how to get it under control. They need to find how and where garbage management needs a boost. They are turning to technology, namely 3D laser scanning services to get this done. 3D laser scanning services are being used to give the city management team a good idea of the volume of garbage that is piling up in certain areas. It can do it to a pretty accurate degree. Not only does is tell them the amount by volume, but it is also capable of telling them what the piles of garbage have in them. 3D laser scanning services technology can tell them how much of the pile is recyclable plastic. It can tell them how much of the plastic is biodegradable.

What 3D laser scanning services can reveal

So what did they gain from all that data that they collected from the scans. The scans gave them some helpful information about what needed to be done to improve garbage cleanup. The results of the 3D laser scans showed that the garbage cleanup in the poorer neighborhoods was much less efficient than the clean up in the richer areas. Not only that, but the types of material were not quite the same. The materials in the poorer areas had a higher percentage of biodegradable and recyclable materials. These material are generally more costly dispose of compared with the non-biodegradable found in the richer areas.

The Plan is in 3D laser scanning

They can make a plan now that they have all of that information showing the areas that needs better attention to garbage disposal. The authorities can make policies and take action to make sure that more effort is concentrated in those areas that need them.  Efforts can be made to put more cleanup workers in those areas. They can pay more attention to fix illegal garbage dumping in those areas, too. The people in charge can do whatever is needed to do to get things cleaned up.

3D scanning services may not be turning trash into treasure in this instance, but it is getting rid of that trash that we don’t need. Maybe some of that garbage can be recycled and turned over to 3D printing services to make some garbage cans.

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