Scan to Plan Services

Scan-to-Plan: Quickly get 2D Plan and elevation drawings

Automate the process of creating floorplans & eLEVATIONS

2D drawings can be easily created from 3D scan for reasonable cost. In a single day, one of our highly experienced 3D scanning technicians can cover many  thousands of square feet, possibly tens of thousands or more depending on conditions. 

Individual scans are accurate to 1mm or better, so you can expect high accuracy with your as-built plan views. 

what is scan to plan?

Scan to plan is a process of creating drawings from laser scan point cloud data. It is possible rapidly obtain highly accurate drawings using this process. Because 3D scan data is three-dimensional, scan-to-plan drawings can be of any perspective, including: 

  • Floor Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Ceiling Plan
  • Exterior Elevation
  • Building Section
  • Topography Map
  • Floor Flatness Report
  • Site Layout
Plan view 2d schematic

How are scan-to-plan drawings created?

There are two methods for obtaining plan drawings from 3d laser scan point clouds. The first is to utilize slices from the point cloud as a reference to draw CAD linework over. This can be an economical way to quickly obtain CAD drawings from 3D scanning. Point clouds can be trimmed and sectioned in every direction, making it possible to obtain any 2D perspective desired. 

The second way to obtain 2D drawings from the 3d laser scanning process is to first create a 3D CAD model using the scan-to-BIM process. Scan to bim models in software such as Autodesk Revit can be used to export plan and elevation views. Because the geometry is already defined in 3D, exporting 2D drawings requires little extra effort. 

Raster 2D plan views (schematic)

Excellent 2D views can be generated directly from the scan point clouds. These are an example of direct use of a point cloud and are very inexpensive to generate. They can provide a wealth of information for planning puposes. 

building elevation scan 2D


Plants and industrial environments are always changing. They must in order to keep working right. Expansion, improvement and updates are just what is necessary for any commercial endeavor to remain in business. But almost universally, the ability to maintain a set of 2D or 3D drawings that reflect the as-built condition of the plant is difficult, which is why it often doesn’t get done. 3D laser scanning provides a tool for updating as-built drawings. it is not an easy button, but it is a methodical, organized and efficient process for capturing the state of things and creating freshly updated CAD drawings. 

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Leica 3D scanner

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