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We utilize high-end Leica and Faro scanners to make sure the data we deliver meets the high quality standards we know you expect. These scanners are among the best that money can buy, and we are excited to be able to offer you the tremendous benefits that come with 3D laser scanning with this equipment.

Leica RTC360

While there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution, this one comes close. It is hard to describe just how incredible this scanner is until you see it in person. Its unparalleled speed, compact form, portability, extremely simple user interface and high data quality make this scanner hard to beat. It has multiple fixed cameras for super fast image capture and has integrated sensors for registration while you scan. We can cover more area in a day than ever before without sacrificing quality. And the photo quality is better than ever. 

Faro Focus 3D S-series

Also fast and nimble, the Faro Focus 3D S-series of scanners is a 3D laser scanner that rivals the RTC360 in terms of speed and data quality. We love Faro scanners and in our opinion it is the next best thing to the Leica RTC. The S350 has long range and high speed, the best of both worlds. It also has a dual-axis compensator, which gives it a slight advantage in some situations. It can be used outdoors in nearly any environment. Its high speed and excellent data quality make it ideal for scanning plants, factories, commercial buildings or even large parts.

Leica P-series

When it is time to bring out the big guns, we utilize the Leica P-series of scanners. These scanners sport incredible range and survey-quality build and accuracy. It is said that they can survive a fall from 11 ft. Once you’ve been around one, it isn’t hard to believe. These scanners really shine in large, open areas where their range can be fully utilized. Good examples would be large industrial environments such as tank farms, power plants, water treatment facilities, refineries, and so many more. The clean data quality that it produces makes it ideal for accurate CAD modeling and 3D survey applications.


The Surphaser scanner is is known for its superior accuracy and data quality among all long range 3D scanners. It is an advanced 3D scanner designed for use in where fast acquisition of clean, accurate data is paramount . With a 360° x 270° field of view and average data capture rates of 190,000 points per second, the Surphaser is ideal for scanning vehicles, boats, and airplanes.

Navvis Mobile Scanner

Mobile scanning is 10X faster than tripod-based scanning, or perhaps more. While the quality and accuracy still is not as good as a scan from say a Leica RTC360, it is much better than it used to be and for some situations, the speed advantage makes it the best choice.. A good example would be a 500-room hotel or apartment complex for which plan view drawings are needed. 

Other tools at our disposal

If the need is for scanning an object or part too small to scan with a long range scanner, we have a variety of scanning instruments that can take care of that too. 

Total Station

When scanning is done on-site, it is sometimes necessary to align the 3D scan to an existing coordinate system. If there are control points (or reference points) at the customer facility that are not within the scanning scope area, it is sometimes necessary to use a total station to transfer the control coordinates into the scan area. For this situation, we utilize total station technology.


Scanning from the air is possible using drones/UAV’s. Our licensed drone pilots can cover large areas, capturing photos which can be used in themselves, or converted to 3D models using photogrammetry software. 

Faro Quantum S

The Quantum S is Faro’s most advanced and accurate CMM arm and in our opinion, the most innovative portable coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) you can buy. It incorporates an 8th axis turntable, utilizes blue laser light, has an optional color laser probe and has two hot-swappable batteries. Certified to ISO 10360 standards, it is hands-down the best CMM arm out there and is available to meet your scanning needs. 

Creaform handyscan 700

It is fast, light weight, super-portable and very very accurate. What more could you ask for in a handheld scanner? The Creaform Handyscan 700 is the most versatile handheld scanner you can buy. It utilizes multiple laser lines for blinding speed and detail capture. It also is highly tolerant to different surfaces, eliminating the need to apply spray or other treatment to the part being scanned. 

CT Scanner

A CT scanner is the most accurate scanning option available and has incredibly high resolution. But on top of these things, it uses x-rays to actually see through the part. With CT scanning you can know that you have a scan of the entire part, inside and out. It can be used to understand things about the part that are almost impossible any other way. 

Artec Eva

The Artec Eva is a very versatile scanner and can capture scans of almost any kind of object, regardless of surface characteristics. It captures high resolution textures using its color camera, and is good at scanning non-rigid subjects such as a human body. The real power behind the Artec Eva is the Artec software, which makes it a very powerful 3D scanning instrument that is accurate, portable and easy to use. 

DOF Freedom UHD

When it comes to scanning small parts, this is one of the best out there. It can scan very small objects with high resolution and accuracy within .001″. It is ideal for things like jewelry or small mechanisms such a watch part, firearm trigger or a fishing lure. It can even capture threads on a screw or small inscriptions on a coin or medallion.

Creaform GoScan3d

The Creaform Go Scan 3D boasts simple, quick and accurate scanning. Newer models have full color capability. Its has a self-positioning scanning system and can be used by anyone regardless of previous scanning experience.

can any of these technologies benefit your project?

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