You can obtain panoramic imagery through our 3D scanning services. Our long-range lidar scanners are equipped with built-in cameras that can capture a 360-degree panoramic image with each 3D scan. These images allow you to place yourself in the position of the scanner and view the site in all directions. These can be very beneficial when engineering a project that is a distance away, giving you the ability to return to the site “virtually” to recollect what was there. These panoramic images can be viewed using free viewers that are available for download on the internet. These viewers include:

FARO Scene Webshare (no software installation required, all that is needed is a web browser with a flash player installed).
Leica TruView
Autodesk ReCap

There are other ways besides 3D scanning to obtain panoramic images, but panoramic images taken with a 3D scanner have a big advantage over conventional panoramic images, in that they can contain depth information. That makes it possible to take measurements within the images, inspect coordinates and add markups, and even include 3D models as augmented reality objects within the imagery.