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Our team of scanning experts and 3D CAD modelers is ready to provide high-end 3D scanning services at a reasonable price. Whether you need a simple CAD model or a full digital twin transformation, you have come to the right place.  

you can use 3d scanning services to capture:

home 3d scanning services


refinery 3d scanning services

Industrial PLANTS

Gas plant 3d scanning services

oil and gas plants

aircraft 3d scanning services


power plant 3d scanning services

power plants

warehouse 3d scanning services

Factories & warehouses

historic building 3d scanning services

historical BUILDINGS

bwts 3d scanning services

Ships & boats

floor 3d scanning services


staircase 3d scanning services

staircases & windows

tank 3d scanning services

tanks & vessels

turbine blade 3d scanning services

Wind Turbines

What results can you obtain from 3D scanning services?

3D scanning services are your “easy button” so that you can obtain useful 3D files, drawings and reports such as: 

3D CAD Models
3D scanning in Louisiana
Point Clouds
deviation image
Inspection Reports
scan to dwg
industrial plant VR
Virtual Reality

Why hire us for 3D scanning services?

  • Get as-built 3D CAD models of your plant
  • Take measurements from a safe distance
  • Get walk-through virtual tours
  • Get color panoramic images
  • Learn about design clashes in advance
  • Obtain drawings where none existed before
  • Obtain millimeter accuracy over large areas
  • Get sections, elevations, floorplans and maps

3d scanning services solves problems like:

  • Map out the piping, conduit, ducting, structural steel, vessels and equipment for your industrial process
  • Perform CFD simulation on a boat or airplane
  • Analyze whether a concrete floor is flat or not
  • Create an Autodesk Plant 3D or Cadworx model complete with updated P&ID’s and 2D drawings 
  • Create an As-Built Revit model for building renovation
  • Plan the floor layout and utility connections for a machine shop floor layout
  • Capture the side of a building in order to create a precision-fit sign

AT A GLANCE 3D scanning services faq


Many standard 3D files can be produced including Solidworks, STL for 3D printing, AutoCAD, STEP, IGES, XYZ, ReCap and many more. Here is a more extensive list of the file formats you can get from 3D scanning services.

How much do 3d scanning services cost?

On-site 3D laser scanning cost starts at $1,750 per day or more depending on the situation. Every scan is different, so call us for a customized quote for your project. Check out more information on the cost of 3D scanning

How long do 3d scanning services take?

The typical onsite time for a location scan is 1-3 days. Typical turnaround for a simple scanning project is usually a week or more. If CAD modeling is involved, the turnaround time varies according to complexity.


We use some of the best 3D scanners available. And if we don’t have it, we know where to get it.

What accuracy can be expected?

Recent model 3D scanners like the Leica RTC 360 we use are incredibly accurate and precise. There are factors that influence the overall accuracy such as project size and method of targeting/control, but in general the expected accuracy range is 1-3 mm. 

Scan scope area and level of detail - the two factor most affecting price

 It is possible to scan vast amounts of space in a single day. Examples include: 

1) The entire engine room of a huge sea going vessel

2) A 10,000 sq. ft luxury home

3) A large 2-story office building

4) A small oil storage terminal

5) Large sections of a gas plant

But capturing the necessary level of detail is equally important to covering large areas. That is why it is important to optimize the scanning process to get most coverage possible in a day while being careful to capture the necessary detail. We can help you determine the necessary level of detail by asking simple questions such as “What is the smallest object you need to see in the scan?” Another way of asking is, “What is the smallest pipe or conduit diameter that you want to appear in your CAD model?” If the answer is 1″, the scanning strategy must be different than if you answered 4″. Our commitment to you is to strike the best balance between coverage and detail so you get the most scanning for your dollars. 

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scan output file download

Experiment and test these models with your own software.

some applications of 3d scanning services:

obtain as-built models of your plant

Many industrial facilities have outdated as-built drawings. 3D scanning provides a way to obtain updated drawings in the form of 3D CAD models of structural steel, ducts, equipment and piping. Armed with accurate models, your engineers can route new designs around existing objects, avoiding potential clashes and interferences during new construction.

Design to fit existing pipes, vessels and equipment

When a processing plant adds a new product line, there is new piping and equipment that needs to be installed. With careful planning and the as-built drawings obtained from doing 3D laser scanning, the new piping designs can be engineered for precise fit, minimizing installation delays due to unforeseen conflicts.

plan for building renovations

3D laser scanners are very efficient at capturing floors, walls and ceiling of building interiors as well as anything outdoors. Apartment complexes, hotels, hospitals, casinos, shopping malls, and parking garages are all great examples of architectural structures that can be scanned. The point clouds can be used directly s, or we can extract a Revit model for you.

blueprints for boats, ships & vessels

When a boat is in dry dock for maintenance, it is an opportune time to take a 3D laser scan of the hull. Any sized boat, ship or vessel can be scanned. For smaller boats (depending on location) this can be done in a day. The scan can be turned into 2D drawings for use by a naval architect, or into 3D solid models for various types of analysis.

analyze wind turbine towers for defects

Wind Turbines can be scanned safely and easily from ground level. Scans can be used to analyze to identify any dents that may be present, and map out their location and depth. Scans can also be used to analyze the tower has a whole, and determine whether it has been structurally compromised after a failure event.

measure stockpile volumes

Measuring stockpiles is easily done using long range 3d laser scanning. The scans can also be taken from the air using a drone. The scans are used to create a digital model of the pile from which the volume can be calculated. Aerial scanning has the advantage of capturing the top of the pile which is sometimes not visible from the ground.