Industrial CT scanning services

ultra-high accuracy scanning that penetrates through the part

when average 3D scan quALITY is not good enough

Take a look at this firearm part that we scanned using CT scanning. At first glance you may think it resembles a scan taken by your run-of-the-mill scanner. But zoom in further, and you see that it is no ordinary scan. What looks like some fine texture at first glance looks like a mountain range up close. 

Not only is the scan of exceptionally high resolution, it is also extremely accurate, so that the scan may be used as a reliable reference for designing add-ons, changes, accessories etc. We can support your project with this same level of detail and accuracy using industrial CT scanning services.

the swiss army knife of 3d scanning

An industrial CT scan can be used for more than one thing. Not only are they of exceedingly high quality and of great use for inspection and reverse engineering,  they are so thorough that one can often go straight to the 3D printer with the result. So creating a plastic (or other material) replica is a cinch. You could even create a gigantic one using our large format 3D printer

correlating colors to errors

The result from an industrial ct scan is a dizzying amount of single point measurements (aka point cloud) that often number in the billions. How does a mere human even consider this type of information? Well one elegant and easy way is to use Geomagic software to compare the point cloud to a perfect object. The Geomagic (or other inspection software) program can align a CAD model to the industrial CT scan data and generate an image like the one seen here showing high and low spots, as well as areas that conform to the design within the allowed tolerance.

In what situations would one utilize industrial ct scanning?

People use industrial CT scanning services for various reasons including: 

  • To scan very small or intricate parts
  • To scan a part with interior chambers not visible to other scanners
  • To analyze a part for cracks, pores or other material flaws
  • To obtain accuracy with .0005″ range or better
  • To capture a scan that is exceptionally clean
see-through X-ray ct scan
Transparent View

What can you do with a scan captured using industrial ct scanning services?

Because of the high quality that results from industrial CT scanning, there are many beneficial uses possible including:

  • Dimensional inspection for extremely tight tolerances
  • Highly accurate reverse engineering and CAD modeling
  • Flaw detection and failure analysis
  • Transparent and cut section views of the part with free viewer
  • Obtain 3D-printable STL files directly from the scan
Pipe Coupling

Are there limitations on size?

CT scanning is available for parts up to 20 inches long. There is really no limit on the small side. As a general rule, smaller is generally cheaper.

Are there limitations on materials?

CT scanning works with most any material. Denser materials generally cost more due to the additional power and time required during the scanning process. When scanning a part composed of multiple materials, occasionally when dis-similar materials are next to each other, the scan quality can be reduced.

Can I scan multiple parts at once?

Yes! With CT scanning, great savings can be had by grouping multiple items in a single scan.  available for parts up to 20 inches long. To get the best value, smaller is always better. 

how accurate is industrial CT scanning?

Industrial CT scanning is typically in the range of .0005″ or better, even for larger sized parts. 

Examples of STL files created from industrial CT scanning

Here are some parts that have been scanned using industrial CT scanning for clients. These are actual raw scans, not CAD models. 

Very Tiny Mechanical Assembly
CT Scan of Tiny Threaded Bracket
CT Scan of Tiny Threaded Rod
Dermotology Bit
CT Scan of Dermatology Bit
Model Train Part
CT Scan of Model Train Part

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