Benefits of using 3d laser scanning


Up to 50,000 points per seccond scanned
Reduced survey/inspection time
Faster Project planning due to accurate as-build records
Rapid turnaround of deliverable 3D models


Accuracy ranges from .0004″ to .040″ depending on part size


Reduce on-site time
Reduce exposure to hazardous environments
Scanning can be performed from adjacent areas
Less need for scaffolding


Small footprint
Non-invasive, unobtrusive
Can be taken to remote sites
Scan from adjacent areas without direct physical contact


Wide operating range (up to 150m)
Large amount of data collected
Captures complex environments
Data useful for future projects

Cost Savings

Reduce brownfield project cost
Schedule compression

Reduce rework and crew downtime.

risk Mitigation

Reduce engineering errors
Reduce schedule upsets
Smaller crews, less repeat trips, less on-site time