Arrival 3D: Scanning Above the LA Skyline - The Problem: Standing 52 floors above the the horizon, our client, an international global engineering business specializing in architectural facade access equipment with offices all over the world, faced the difficult talk of replacing a window washing robot. The...Read More
Create As-Built Drawings of Power Plant - Our client needed as-built drawings of the exhaust section portion of a power plant using 3D scanning in Alexandria, LA. The CAD model was needed to plan for scrubber installation at this plant. We approached the problem like any power...Read More
Tulsa 3D Printing – Miniature tabletop oil & gas refinery - Do you know how gasoline is made? Neither do we, but our customer tells us it involves a huge machine similar to the one seen in this picture. They wanted a tabletop plastic demo that they could assemble at a trade...Read More
Houston Turbine Scan and Modeling - Arrival was asked to perform a 3D scan on a turbine train in the Houston area. Scanning a turbine train requires about a day of long range scanning. Preparation for scanning such as laying out targets, inspecting crucial and tight spots,...Read More
Inspection of Pressure Vessel Door - Our power generation customer uses pressure vessels  in various applications. A tragic accident highlighted the critical importance to them in ensuring that each vessel meets all the appropriate boiler pressure vessel codes. Because vessels tend to expand and contract under different operating...Read More