If you are adding equipment to your factory floor, 3D scanning greatly can benefit our project services in several ways:

1) A 3D scan can be used to map out as-built CAD drawings with current locations of piping, conduit and equipment.
2) Panoramic images allow you to visit the site virtually, seeing what the scanner saw in from each scan position
3) point clouds can be used for clash detection against new design models for advanced knowledge of potential conflicts.
4) More accurate dimensions and elevations can be obtained due to the accuracy of 3D point clouds captured through laser scanning
5) Identify tie-in points for new pipes, conduit and duct

The 3D laser scanning process is unintrusive and can often be performed alongside your working operation. Usually, scanning can be conducted around people and vehicle traffic with only minor impact to the project. Because the scanners can measure points up to hundreds of feet away, you can scan dangerous areas of your plant from a safe distance, reducing risk of injury or exposure to plant personnel.

We think 3D scanning is a no-brainer for plant upgrade projects. Call us today and let us know how we can support your project.

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