Cell Tower 3D Scanning

3D Scanning Cell Towers

3D scanning cell towers can benefit the telecommunications industry greatly by making measurement activities safer, quicker, and more cost effective. Long range scanning is becoming the standard for the mapping and modeling the areas around future telecommunication sites and utility towers. 3D scanning cell towers is a very efficient way to collect information, reducing human error and empowering engineers with more accurate and thorough information to plan prospective projects. Terrain maps and 3D CAD models help engineers foresee potential problems or space conflicts prior to construction mapping abilities help to ensure that the infrastructure will work in relation to the rest of its environment.

Cell Tower Point Cloud
3D scan of a cell tower

Advantages of 3D Scanning Cell Towers

When performing 3D scanning cell towers, a huge amount of measurements are taken in a short period of time. The scanner can be hundreds of feet from the tower equipment to be scanned,  and there is no disruption to the telecom equipment service. The resulting deliverables, such as CAD models can imported into CAD software and used by engineers to plan new installations, equipment augmentation, or decommissioning of cell tower equipment. It is possible to scan multiple cell towers in a day, and align the resulting scans to a coordinate system using GPS.

3D scanning is also valuable for measuring and inspecting cell towers that are already in service. 3D scans can help determine whether a tower has structural problems, or to assess damage after an event. We can also scan the equipment rooms and shelters on the ground, and provide inventory reports, elvation and plan drawings. We will determine the optimum scanning time and resolution needed to accomplish your goals with a minimum of on-site time.

We specialize in telecom inventory software, and can convert your 3D scans to cloud-based inventory systems that provide a common platform for information sharing.

  We strongly feel that 3D scanning cell towers is the future of maintaining and operating telecommunications equipment.

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cell tower 3d scanning

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