3D Scanning for floor flatness analysis

See the true shape of the floor in high detail

3D laser scanning services can assist you in determining the true condition of any floor. Whether the floor has just been installed and you are evaluating it for quality of installation, or it is a floor that has been around a while and you need to determine it’s flatness, 3D laser scanning is the most efficient tool for measuring floor flatness. 
We utilize fast and accurate laser scanners that measure millions of points on the floor’s surface, creating a complete picture of the floor that is far superior than taking sample measurements the traditional way. 

How long does it take, and how much does it cost?

We can often scan a floor in one day. The time needed is primarily dependent on the size of the scan scope area.  Costs start at $2,500 plus travel. 

How accurate is a 3D scan of a floor?

Generally the scans are accurate to within 1mm and can capture features on the floor in high detail. It is even possible to capture color, such as if there are marks on the floor that are of interest. The scanner also records the orientation of the scans. When true level matters, as in which direction is truly up, we utilize a 3D laser scanner that has an extremely accurate sensor onboard that can tell which way gravity is oriented. This sensor is called a dual-axis compensator. This is important in applications where you may be analyzing the direction that water will flow or the capacity that a dike will hold. 

3d laser scanner on floor
3D Laser Scanning Services2

What type of results can you receive from a floor 3D scan?

There are several types of files that can be produced as a result of 3D scanning a floor, including:

  • Deviation Color Maps
  • Deviation Color Maps with Annotations
  • Topography Maps
  • 3D Mesh Surface
  • NURBS model
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