floor flatness and 3d scanning services

Have you ever asked yourself, is the floor I’m standing on really flat? Well if you have ever had to install tile or hardwood floor on bare concrete, you find out really quick that most floors are not flat, and not even close. But some companies take this question to a whole new level. They want to know anywhere the floor diverges from a flat plane, within a certain tolerance. That is where 3d scanning services come in to play. 

How flat or unflat is it?

It really helps to be able to quantify something like floor flatness. You’ll want to know how much the floor deviates from its intended design, and where. The deviation color map does a great job of depicting this. Green means it is within the tolerance you specify. Any color toward the blue side of the spectrum means the floor is low in that area. The deeper the blue color, the farther out it is. Colors toward the yellow and red spectrum mean that the area is a high spot. Now, floors are sometimes built that are intentionally non-flat. This may be to facilitate water drainage in certain areas. 

Is it level?

Level and flat are not the same thing. Flat means that it is planar in shape, without bumps or hills. But, even though a floor is flat, it still could be tilted one way or another. To measure whether a floor is flat AND level, there sometimes needs to be an extra step in the 3d scanning services process. If the scanner being used has a highly accurate on-board leveling device, then the raw scan data can be counted on to provide the level. If the 3d laser scanner is not capable, then one may need to place leveled targets on the walls using a precise laser leveling device.  

cases where flatness matters

If you are buying or leasing a new building and need to install equipment in it that requires flat and level floors, you are going to need to see what you are working with. Using 3d laser scanning services can allow you to map out the existing conditions of the floor so you can plan the effort to make the floor flat. Another situation that can occur is when you are having a new floor poured by a contractor, and you have agreed to a certain floor spec with them. 3d scanning services can give you a comprehensive overview of the quality of the installation. If any flaws exist, 3d laser scanning is a way to quickly find them and communicate them to the installer. Another scenario is one where you have a house that is perched on a mountain with a million dollar view. Unfortunately, sometimes houses that are built on a ledge can settle or worse. One can use 3d scanning services to capture the floors in the home and detect if there has been any deflection or movement. 

Cases when its critical

There are times when flatness measurement is vital. When installing an extremely flat object such as a sign or other attachment to a building, it is essential to have a good landing spot. Or perhaps you have high precision manufacturing machines that need to be placed on a perfectly flat floor. Whatever the reason is, 3d scanning services. can help you make sure. 

Do you need 3d scanning services?

You don’t need celebrity status to enjoy the benefits of 3D laser scanning. We’d love to hear from you and explore how 3d scanning services could give you a competitive advantage.

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