Industries that use long range 3D laser scanning

We have many power plant customers that have found 3D scanning to be very useful for capturing existing ductwork, piping and steel. Power plant environments can be extremely complex making the 3d laser scan a valuable aid to engineering tasks.


Gas plant customers use our service to map existing piping and grounds such as containment ponds.


Many aging factories have no up-to-date drawings. Utilize our 3D scanning to capture as-built locations of piping runs, valves, tanks, pumps, motors, conveyers and other equipment on the factory floor. Accurate as-builts make upgrades to the factory easier, cheaper and less time consuming.


Quickly and accurately measure pile volumes for inventory tracking of raw materials stored in piles such as coal, gravel and various quarry-mined substances used in cement making and other industries.

heritage & Historical Preservation

3D scanning captures an accurate point cloud of historical structures that can be used for creating drawings and plans for restoration, or simply a record of important places such as archaeological sites, battlefields, historic buildings and monuments.

Art & Sculpture

Artists can capture the exact shape and texture of their sculptures and have them enlarged or reduced electronically, mass-produced or just captured for preservation purposes.


3D scanning can capture accurate representations of existing structures which can then be enhanced to show proposed architectural changes.


Garage-based and moonlighting inventors can use our services to bring their concepts to reality using our prototype development service.