3D Building Scanning

3D Scanning of Buildings and large facilities

Nothing compares to 3D scanning when it comes to accurately capturing as-built measurements of a large building. If you have been given the task of creating as-built drawings the old fashioned way, you know how challenging that can be. 3D scanning can relieve you of this burden. A long range 3D scanner can capture an entire facility in a matter of hours with an accuracy that is 1/8″ or better. 3D Scanning Services from Arrival 3D can make your architecture, engineering, construction, building, or documentation project more efficient and cut costs.
bim model of car dealership

What can you get from 3D Laser Scanning?

elevated view of house 3d model

As-Built 3D Revit Model from scan data

3D laser scanning is a highly accurate method of capturing as-built conditions of an existing building. With these accurate measurements, we can create an as-built Revit model at any level of detail you need. Through a process called “scan-to-BIM”, our expert modeling team quickly creates high quality, fully implemented Revit models. QA/QC is applied throughout the process, ensuring that you receive the quality result you expect. Other formats are available including AutoCAD DWG, Navisworks, STP, Solidworks and many more

scan to dwg

2D floorplan, section and Elevation Views

With a 3D laser scanning project, 2D drawings can be created in three ways:

  • Export from Revit BIM model
  • Create directly from scan point cloud
  • Scan slices for direct visualization

We can redraw over scan sections to obtain standard 2D DXF/DWG line drawings. After creating the 3D CAD model, we can also generate standard drawings from BIM software such as Revit.

This data helps facility managers and project engineers save time by providing accurate building details for space planning and renovation. It aides in planning construction projects by providing general contractors and architects as-built documentation of the spaces under construction. Nothing compares to the benefits of 3d laser scanning for measurement accuracy, simplifying your work and reducing change orders.

VR plant environment

Virtual Reality Walkthrough

We offer our 3D laser scanning services to create a fully immersive Virtual Reality walk-through experience that will work with your off-the-shelf VR headset. Precision 3d laser scanning uses data from laser light to capture the precise shape of physical objects in your environment. Reality capture is an efficient solution for architecture and engineering needs, as well as professional demonstrations. Whether it’s a construction site, existing structure, an entire power plant or manufacturing complex, or a single room, we have the technology and ability to understand and meet your needs

firehouse point cloud

Full Color Point Cloud Data for Modeling

Point cloud scanning works by capturing millions of data points in space to generate an accurate representation of a building in its current state. That point cloud data can be used all by itself within CAD design software for your projects. Our 3D laser scanning services create exceptionally accurate data of laser scanned buildings, architecture features, and complex site topography.

Point Cloud As-Builts

If you have the capability to do your own as-built modeling from point clouds, we can be your field acquisition partner. We know exactly how to plan a scan because we create CAD models ourselves. Our process ensures that you are set up for success in capturing all of the detail needed for 3D modeling of your building. We also optimize the point clouds specifically for modeling to make work lighter and faster. 
Point Cloud

Beautiful, compelling point cloud imagery for visualization purposes

Beautiful full-color images can be generated for presentation purposes or to add impact to a proposal. Advanced 3d laser scanners combine on-board cameras with laser scanning to capture color, making these point cloud images realistic and stunning. Animations and videos can also be created, such as fly-through or orbit videos. It is even possible to create 3D virtual reality experiences. We look forward to helping you create an engaging professional presentation.

3D Laser Scanning Services are Highly Adaptable

3D laser scanning is an essential solution for building projects of any shape and size. The benefits of 3D scanning technology and data capture can be deployed nearly anywhere,  help engineering and architecture professionals produce excellent work with less effort. Point clouds and scan data reliable as built documentation so you plan and review projects, and avoid mistakes.

One particular benefit of 3D laser scanning to architects, engineering and construction teams is the ability to precisely record as-built conditions. Point cloud and CAD representation of walls, ceilings, floors, floor flatness, building features, and areas with limited access provide an ultimate source of truth for your project.

Whether you need to scan a small apartment or a mullti-story office building, Arrival 3D has the tools, techniques, and experience to make your project succeed. By adding laser scanning to your building project workflow, you simplify your own work while simultaneously increasing the accuracy and quality of the end result. Our technicians plan site visits and scans around your schedule and can even scan while the building is occupied. Our CAD designers are experts at working around any unneeded people or vehicles picked up in the scans as they prepare your models and drawings. 

scan to BIM - we do it better than anybody

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become the standard operating procedure for construction projects and renovations. The truth is, all man-made structure are flawed to some degree. When renovating existing buildings, even if design drawings exist, the actual existing conditions of the building are going to be a little to a lot different. Our 3D laser scanning services for buildings and facilities can measure these existing conditions and transfer this precise knowledge to you in the form of a building information model in a modern CAD program such as Autodesk Revit. 

Our entire company is geared toward getting you an accurate and high quality BIM model from your 3d scan in record time. With a QA/QC process at all stages during the project, you can be assured that you will receive an as-built Revit 3D model that meets industry standards, and more importantly, your standards. 

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