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    3D Laser Scanning services for architectural, engineering and construction

    We’ve designed our company to scan industrial plant environments in the most efficient manner possible. Get your entire plant scanned in a matter of days. 

    When it comes to BIM, nobody does it better. Capture existing conditions of hospitals, schools, parking garages and high-rise offices and other large buildings.

    An as-built 3D CAD model created from 3D laser scanning is an invaluable engineering asset that can be used in CAD programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, Solidworks and more. 

    Capture a photographic record of the site using aerial drone scanning or terrestrial tripod based photography. A map provides a “Google Street View” type experience.

    We scan parts and objects of any size, from molds and tooling to large vehicles such as airplanes and ships. Scans can be converted to various 3D modeling formats. 

    We scan parts and objects of any size, from molds and tooling to large vehicles such as airplanes and ships. Scans can be converted to various 3D modeling formats. 

    Our 3D laser Scanning Experts Come To You

    • Laser scanning is completely unintrusive
    • You don’t have to shut down your plant or business
    • 3D laser scans are safe and environmentally friendly
    • No method comes close in performance for capturing your facitility in 3D

    Benefits of 3D laser Scanning

    • Get a highly detailed and accurate 3D CAD model
    • Receive a laser scan point cloud with Survey Grade Accuracy
    • Get 360 degree color panoramic images for your records
    • Save the cost from frequent trips to the site due to incomplete measurements
    • Safety
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    point cloud

    deliverables - what you can get from a laser scan

    • Point Cloud with Viewing Software
    • As-built 3D CAD Model in formats such as Revit
    • Plan, Elevation & Section Drawings
    • 360-degree Photographs
    • Fly-by, Orbit or Walkthrough Videos
    • Virtual Reality Environments

    What Our Customers Are Saying:

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    My company has used Arrival on several occasions. Arrival came to our remote job site a couple times, bringing their equipment with them. I am enthusiastic about their capabilities and service.” 

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    “I have used Arrival 3D for many projects over the last several years. A great group to work with. I can always count on them to get the work completed on time and on budget.”

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    I had Arrival 3D laser scan two properties that are going into the architectural design phase. They produced LOD 300 models for both project that were excellent. Scheduling was easy and the 3 week turnaround was fast. I look forward to using them on many more development projects.”

    Gas plant 3d scanning services

    How much can be scanned in a day?

     Our 3d laser scan technicians can vast amounts of space in a single day. Examples include: 

    1) The entire engine room of a huge sea going vessel

    2) A 10,000 sq. ft luxury home

    3) A large 2-story office building

    4) An oil storage terminal

    5) Large sections of a gas plant

    Speed is great, but capturing the necessary level of detail is equally important. We optimize the 3d laser scan process so that you get most coverage possible while also making sure that the necessary detail is there. It often helps to ask the question “What is the smallest pipe or conduit diameter that needs to be picked up by the laser scanning? If your answer is 1″, our laser scanning strategy will be different than if you answer 4”. Our commitment to you is to strike the best balance between coverage and detail so you get the most 3d laser scanning for your dollars. 

    Typical 3D Laser Scanning Applications Include:

    Renovating an old multi-story building

    When planning and engineering for multi-million dollar projects such as a large building renovation, it is critical that things go right. 3D laser scanning up front allows engineers to draw up precise plans and drawings that minimize conflicts during construction. The scan serves as an invaluable resource for many interested parties in such a project. 

    Update P&ID's for a gas plant

    A plant in the oil and gas industry will change over time, that is without question. This results in the P&ID drawings of record ultimately becoming out of date. 3D laser scanning provides a dual benefit of not only providing a way to update P&ID’s but also provides a truly accurate as-built reference 3D model of the plant. We feel that an as-built 3D model combined with smart P&ID’s is the way of the future.

    measure floor flatness

    3D laser scanning provides a better way of measuring and visualizing floor flatness than the old method of measuring with a ruler. When you use a laser 3D scanner you get extremely thorough and accurate results that can be depicted as color maps for a deep understanding of the floor’s shape.

    obtain a 3d model of an aircraft

    Laser scanning an airplane is a fantastic way to capture it’s shape. We can scan interior and exterior and convert it into a CAD model or STL mesh depending on your needs. From small single seaters to airliners, we are the best at aircraft 3D scanning and would be delighted to scan an aircraft for your company.

    determine whether something will fit

    You may have a pump that you need to lower into a channel, and you want to see if it will fit before lowering it in and getting stuck. Or perhaps you have a large vault door that hasn’t been opened in years, and you want to know if it will scrape the concrete. 3D laser scanning services can answer these questions so you can proceed with confidence.  

    create a Digital Twin walkthrough Model

    Imagine walking around a lifelike digital twin of your facility, with the clouds moving in the breeze and the equipment so real it seems like you could touch it. That is the experience we can provide with your 3D model created from 3D laser scanning. 

    Obtain as-built models of a power plant

    Many power plants have outdated as-built drawings. 3D scanning provides a way to obtain updated drawings in the form of 3D CAD models of structural steel, ducts, equipment and piping. Armed with accurate models, your engineers can route new designs around existing objects, avoiding potential clashes and interferences during new construction.

    Design to fit existing pipes, vessels and equipment

    When a processing plant adds a new product line, there is new piping and equipment that needs to be installed. With careful planning and the as-built drawings obtained from doing 3D laser scanning, the new piping designs can be engineered for precise fit, minimizing installation delays due to unforeseen conflicts.

    2D Plan and elevation views for Permits

    3D laser scanning is very efficient at capturing floors, walls and ceiling of building interiors as well as anything outdoors. from the laser scan we can quickly generate plan and elevation views that you can use as a basis for various purposes like obtaining permits. 

    as-built reference for boats, ships & vessels

    3D laser scanning can capture the exterior or interior of a sea-going vessel. Any sized boat, ship or vessel can be scanned. For smaller boats (depending on location) this can be done in a day. The laser scan can be turned into 2D drawings for use by a naval architect, or into 3D solid models for various types of analysis.

    analyze wind turbine towers for defects

    Wind Turbines can be scanned safely and easily from ground level. Scans can be used to analyze to identify any dents that may be present, and map out their location and depth. Scans can also be used to analyze the tower has a whole, and determine whether it has been structurally compromised after a failure event.

    track constructino progress with photos

    Panoramic images captured from a 3D camera can quickly and thoroughly document a construction site, making it easy for you to track progress and manage teams more effectively. 

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    When it comes performance in capturing existing conditions,  nothing beats 3D laser scanning. Contact us to experience the benefits for yourself. 

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