sample 3D file formats to download

Here are a various types of scan output formats that you can download and test with your software. These are for your testing use only. Please do not publish or distribute.

Sample 3D Laser Scan output files to download

Here are a few of the types of output files that can be obtained from 3D laser scanning. Feel free to download and test the file formats with your software. Please note that these are very basic, low quality examples and do not reflect the potential high detail, resolution and accuracy that is possible with our new fleet of scanners.
point cloud
E57 Point Cloud
Autodesk ReCap Point Cloud
Autodesk Revit model
Autodesk Revit 3D CAD Model
piping 3D scan and model
AutoCAD 3D DWG Model
warehouse 3d scan and CAD model
AutoCAD 3D DXF Model

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