about the company

Arrival 3D, Inc. was founded by Lanny Smith in 2011. What started out as a small Oklahoma-based, one-man operation grew to be a multi-location team of 3D technology experts.


Like most great companies, Arrival 3D, Inc. came from humble beginnings. In 2002, Smith was a telecom contractor. He used databases to map out offices and create drawings of equipment. At the time, Microsoft Excel was enough to get the job done, however, Smith envisioned a better way. Smith had heard about 3D scanning (it was just breaking into the engineering industry by the late ‘90s), and Smith decided to take a chance on it. He created a database to create virtual visualization plants and got his first job, a power plant in Louisiana. After his first few 3D scanning jobs, Smith decided it was time to invest. Given his long-time background in telecom engineering, control systems, and software development, Lanny was in a unique position to combine his passion for systems design with recent advances in 3D software technology to meet the challenges faced by industry today.


“We at Arrival 3D are most proud of our ability to take on projects that solves real problems for customers. Since we are a smaller company, we can be more attentive to a particular customer, react faster, and deliver a more personalized experience and product. At the same time, we are still a team of experts that value honesty, quality work, and professionalism, like you’d expect from larger companies. We hope to give our customers a memorable experience working with our team.” — Lanny Smith, owner and founder of Arrival 3D, Inc.


Arrival 3D Coweta Office

Who are we?

we are creative. we are problem solvers. we love what we do and we're good at it.

We love helping people solve real problems with innovative technological solutions. We’re proud to introduce our team of experts at Arrival 3D.

What can you expect from Arrival 3D?

  • Honest consultations
  • An attentive team 
  • Creative solutions
  • A personalized experience
  • Quality work
  • Professional expertise
  • fast reaction times
  • quick delivery


our facilities

We have strategically-placed scanning labs across the US. You can send your parts to one of these facilities, or our technicians can to travel to you anywhere in the US and perform portable 3D scanning on-site. We utilize twelve different 3D scanning devices and and a variety of different software tools.

We come to you!

No job is too small. We travel all over the United States to better serve our clients. From scanning 5-miles of conveyor belts in California to scanning an iconic railing at Trump Tower in Washington, D.C., we’re interested in your project.  Click on your home state below to see how we’ve served real customers in your area. 

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We'd love to be your 3d technology partner. Call us at 866-687-7784 and tell us about your project.