Bridge 3D Scanning

Bridge 3D SCanning

When it comes to scanning large transportation structures such as bridges, overpasses, tunnels, viaducts and streets, Arrival 3D has you covered. 3D scanning can quickly and accurately document the precise shape of the bridge and supporting structures. 

Reasons for scanning a bridge

There are a variety of reasons one may wish to scan a bridge:

  • To capture it’s existing shape to analyze it for flaws or defects
  • To digitally preserve a historical bridge, and to aid in renovation
  • To capture the hole patterns of gusset plates for manufacturing replacements
  • To capture a representation of the bridge for creating animations such as traffic accident recreations
  • To plan for its replacement with a newer bridge
Whatever the reason,  starting your project off with a highly accurate laser scan  will set you up for success. 

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