3D Scanning Bridges

Critical in protecting the integrity and safety of a bridge, engineers must be able to provide exact measurements of concrete and steel designs for bridge construction and documentation. Arrival 3D provides you with unbeatable solutions for 3D Scanning Bridges.

Using our portable 3D measurement solutions, we can quickly and easily measure points affixed to structures to monitor stress and strain, develop highly accurate CAD models for as-built documentation, produce navigational models for construction planning tie-in identification and generate point cloud stress sensor data for deflection testing.

Applications for 3D Scanning Bridges

There are many applications for Arrival 3D’s long range laser scanning processes. By 3D Scanning Bridges, several measurements such as:3D Scanning Bridges

  • Damage detection
  • Under-clearance measurements
  • Load deflection measurements
  • Post-event validations
  • Modal behavior identification
  • Cable tension measurements


These examples of scanning laser application provide realistic scenarios for industry-wide implementation of scanning laser techniques for bridge monitoring. We create industry standard maps from the point clouds. The level of detail and accuracy far exceeds the capabilities of traditional survey methods, and the money saved from utilizing this information exceeds the cost of our services. 3D scanning services from Arrival 3D will increase productivity for bridge maintenance and help save overall cost. By 3D Scanning Bridges, inspection is safer, easier, and more cost effective.