3D scan Point Clouds: the raw data from 3D laser scanning

A 3D point cloud is the result of the laser scanner capturing millions of points in all directions from the scanner. When multiple scans are combined you have an incredibly complete and accurate snapshot of the site. 

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    what can you do with point clouds?

    There are many uses for point clouds including:

    • As-Built Modeling
    • Section views
    • Measurements
    • Walk-through Tours
    • Animations and Visualizations

    Color - is it always necessary?

    No! In fact sometimes it is advantageous to scan without color. Scanning in grayscale allows us to cover more ground in a day. So if you can live without color and would benefit from having more scans in your facility, it’s an easy choice. Examples of situations where color may not be needed are:

    • Scanning for piping and conduit model creation
    • Scanning for floorplans and elevations
    • Scanning large objects such as vehicles or stockpiles
    If you are not sure whether color is needed, we’ll be glad to help you figure it out.

    Point Cloud examples

    Here is a gallery of screenshots from 3D laser scanning projects where color capture was utilized.