Point Clouds: now you can use them directly

It used to be that every point cloud was convereted to CAD so that people could work with it. Nowadays, software is widely available that allows us to view, manipulate and model against point clouds. If you are interested in working with point clouds, we can provide full color point clouds in many common formats.

Color scanning, a new dimension to 3D scanning

Our Faro and Leica scanners have on-board cameras that capture 360 degree panoramic images. When the cameras are activated, the scan time is increased, reducing the amount of scans we can do in a day. But we feel the extra cost is worth it. Color panoramic images are great for putting yourself in the place of the scanner and having a look around. Color is essential for presentations. Color can make point cloud processing such as registration and 3D modeling, much easier. Color 3D point clouds can even capture enough information to create an immersive 3D virtual reality experience.

When color is not needed

If you can do without color, it can save you money on the scan. Color scanning is usually not necessary in situations where the scan data will not be viewed in its raw form, but used to convert to a CAD model or other type of deliverable. A few example applications where color is not needed are:

  • Laser scanning of stockpiles to calculate volumes
  • Piping and conduit models
  • Geometry capture of a part for reverse engineering
  • Do you plan to view panoramic images of the scans? Do you plant to create a visualization that includes raw point cloud data? Is the environment very colorful? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it may be work the extra cost of capturing color scans.

    Color point cloud examples

    Here is a gallery of screenshots of 3d laser scans taken with the camera enabled.