2D CAD Drawings

While we think 3D models are the bees knees, there is still no substitute for the world’s oldest instrument of engineering, the 2D drawing. Do you think the Pharaohs built the pyramids without first taking a reed brush to some papyrus paper? I think not. 

Dimensioned 2D drawings can easily be obtained from 3D scanning services. After a 3D model is created, it is usually an easy matter to generate a 2D line drawing with standard views and dimensions. Frequently this can be done at little extra cost, depending on the part complexity and number of dimensions.

The way people create and style their drawings often differ from company to company, so we can not always provide 2D drawings that are a suitable for manufacturing. This is because we do not always know the materials, tolerances and other specifications that need to be included in a drawing that is ready to be sent for manufacturing.  But we can generate the basic standard views with dimensions which gets you most of the way there. Drawings can be provided in many standard formats including SLDDRW, DWG, DXF and PDF. 

Impeller Line Drawing

2D drawings are sometimes needed by companies who still do it old school. They are a dying breed, but there are still people around who can build things without a computer. 2D drawings are a;so useful for validating 3D models that have been created from old or legacy drawings. By re-creating the 2D drawing in Solidworks and matching each dimension, it can be verified that the 3D model is correct.

If you need curves without dimensions for programming of CNC waterjet, router, laser, or plasma cutting machines, we can provide DXF or DWG formats that can be used to program the machines directly. We have had many successful projects with this purpose, from aircraft panels to rub strips to automatic transmission plates.

do you need 2D drawings from a scan?

We do it better than anybody. Contact us and let us know how we can help. 

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