7 Great Values in 3D laser scanning services

When a good 3d scanning deal becomes a great one

We think 3D laser scanning services are always a good deal, but there are certain situations where the value afforded by 3D Scanning is just too good to pass up.

Empty Handed: When you are starting with nothing

3D laser scanning services can be extremely valuable when you are starting from scratch. For example, perhaps you have a building, facility or factory that has been inherited somehow, but came without any drawings or records. If you want to do anything with it you are going to need some drawings. 3D laser scanning services enable you to capture virtually any facility without having any prior records.  To go from having nothing to a complete set of as-built drawings is a big leap for a project. 

Data Recycling

If you are able to successfully complete an engineering project using data from 3D scanning services, this is a great thing. But when other groups within your company are able to use the 3D scan result for other purposes, it is even better. For example, your sales or marketing team may use 3D scanning point cloud imagery for marketing or sales purposes. Other groups may use the CAD models for training purposes. When this happens you have multiplied the value of 3D laser scanning. 

As-Built: The honest truth

By far our most popular 3D laser scanning services output result is the as-built Revit model. When a typical LOD (Level of Development) is chosen, the as-built Revit model becomes a very good value. They are not unreasonably expensive, and in addition to an excellent 3D laser scan, you also receive a fully implemented Autodesk Revit model. As any AEC company would know, a Revit model is useful for the real work of building engineering and construction, coordinating various disciplines to complete the project and prepare various drawings.

Sight Unseen

When you need to measure a site that is some distance away, let us do the traveling and go capture the information for you. We’ll do a thorough scan with a highly detailed point cloud and color photos, so you can visit the site virtually any time you like. It is a double benefit, saving you time and travel cost. 

The Smoking Gun

3D laser scanning services can be especially valuable when you are involved in some form of dispute or disagreement. 3D laser scanning services can demonstrate without dispute the facts of the situation, whatever they may be. They can completely and accurately document that items or objects were not built to specification, or defend that they were. 

The Triple Play

Another nice value in 3D laser scanning services is when the customer receives 3 types of data. From a single day of scanning, we can deliver a color point cloud, an as-built CAD model and color panoramic images, all at reasonable cost. This is the package deal that almost always makes sense.

Fast and Furious

When you want to concentrate all of our efforts on capturing the maximum amount of points possible, grayscale 3D laser scanning services is the way. If there is no need for the scanner to stop and take photos after each scan, grayscale scanning can capture very large areas in a short period of time. The same as-built 3D Revit models can be created from grayscale scanning as with color scans. 

Which value in 3D laser scanning services would help you the most in your project? Give us a call at 866-687-7784 and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular situation. 

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