3D laser scanning services in some tough spots

you can put a scanner nearly anywhere

3D laser scanning services are so versatile for one big reason, and that is that a 3d laser scanner can be placed in nearly any situation. While there are some environments that you might think are too unfriendly to the process of 3d laser scanning, the emergence of new mobile scanning techniques are making these more feasible. the vast majority of scans take place in very friendly environments such as warehouses or the areas in and around office buildings, schools and apartment complexes. Here, when performing 3d laser scanning services, we can utilize our “standard setup” which involves simply a scanner with a carbon fiber tripod that sits on hard ground such as concrete or floor. This is a quick and easy setup that permits rapid relocation of the scanner from one setup to the next. It is possible to make this setup even faster by mounting the tripod onto a rolling dolly. Slightly higher in difficulty is when we are scanning on soft ground, where we must use a survey tripod that allows us to sink the feet into the ground to provide the necessary stability. This would apply to grassy areas, dirt or gravel, etc. Though we will often use a survey tripod on hard ground anyway if there is concern about stability or if there is high wind. 

3d laser Scanning services can also occur in busy places

But many times 3d laser scanning services are  needed in environments that are full of activity. Customers sometimes wonder if they need to cease plant operations to get an area scanned. To their surprise, unless there are safety hazards or excessive vibration factors, we can usually provide 3d laser scanning services in very busy environments and amidst a  lot of people working. The process is flexible enough that we can usually pick scan locations that are out of everyone’s way, and if a space is unavailable due to some work activity, we can return later to get that spot. It is usually a simple matter of cooperation between us and the folks there to get everything scanned without causing any disruption. If there are scans that must interfere, it is usually only temporary and people are willing to wait a few minutes. 


Having said all of this, in the 3D laser scanning services line of work we do encounter the difficult spots.  Water, airborne particles, heights, deep holes and confined spaces all present challenges. 


The presence of water can present challenges. Standing water on the floor can result in the tripod being partially submerged. Water sprinkling from above, whether because of rain or water dripping from pipes above can get the scanner wet. The scanners we use are supposed to resist water, but obviously we prefer to avoid this, as they are worth nearly $75,000 in some cases.


Airborne Particles

Steam, mist and dust present challenges, as the scanner will scan them instead of the items behind them that we are interested in. These will also cause points to appear in the scan where there shouldn’t be. 



High heights present challenges for 3D laser scanning. Our 3d laser scanning services technicians are not rock climbers, therefore we must consider their safety when asked to scan at heights. But surprisingly we have been able to scan just about everywhere our customers have requested of us, sometimes through the use of added safety measures such as harnesses.


Holes, chambers, odd spaces

Deep holes with an opening on top through which to scan are sometimes encountered, in which case we must insert the scanner upside down through the top. This requires a special tripod setup. Sometimes we improvise our own custom mounts to place the scanner anywhere we want. Confined spaces present other difficulties. Besides extra training and safety measures, it is sometimes difficult to find a spot to put the scanner. 

we can get it scanned

So if you are wondering if 3D laser scanning services are possible in your situation, most likely we can make it happen. Give us a call at 866-687-7784 and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular situation. 

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