3D Laser Scanning Services: New Zealand's Washed Out Waiho Bridge

Flooding Damaged Bridge

Waiho Bridge in New Zealand was washed away by the drastic flooding, and many people did not get to view it because it was dangerous. However, using 3D laser scanning services, a team captured what the west coast of New Zealand looked like after much of it had been washed away from the flooding. Luckily, this bridge was rebuilt after 18 days and now stands strong. 

Using LiDAR has been one of the best ways to map out an area and has made it possible for people to view things from around the world. It has been beneficial in a time where many people choose to stay home rather than go out. It can be one of the best ways to share local and national news with real footage and maps. 3D laser scanning services have unquestionably brought us some amazing results and connected us worldwide. 

LiDAR has played an important role in our world to understand objects, surfaces, and scenes better. It allows us to study geographical locations better than ever before without putting anyone’s life in danger. Many people were able to view videos taken by the 3D laser scanning equipment connected to the drones. It gave us all insights into what New Zealand looked like. 

What is LiDAR?

This technology stands for light detection and ranging and is one of the best ways to create accurate models of a place or environment. They attached this machine to a drone for this project and, over several flights, collected information on the area. The equipment shoots out lasers or pulses of light that are being measured by the distance they travel. This allows them to see things in a 3D model that would not typically be easy to spot from a plane or helicopter. It also allowed them to create maps easier than ever before. 

Why is LiDAR important?

LiDar has been one of the best tools for archeologists and other researchers to adopt because it is extremely accurate. The sensors aren’t just being measured. The time it takes for the light to bounce back is being measured. It means that a surface with holes will take much longer to retrieve information than a rock on the ground. 3D laser scanning picks up the different levels and surfaces, making it more accurate than other ways of collecting information. 

Creating maps with LiDAR

The maps created with LiDAR are good for more than just sharing what an area looks like. This tool can help make floor plans for historic buildings that need renovations and even engineers studying a ship. There are many possibilities and purposes for creating a map or 3D model with the help of technology.


3D laser scanning has never disappointed us, and we continue to watch this technology grow into something extraordinary. Many advancements and developments have come out that make it easier to use and incredibly accurate. There is no doubt that more locations worldwide will be scanned and shared. We will start seeing glimpses of places we would never dream of walking through 

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