3D Scanning For Gold

Go for the Gold

“Go west, young man!” “There’s gold in thar hills.” That was the cry back in the mid 1800’s. The golden shout went out, and people came in droves packed with shovel and pan to dig for that treasure. They took over the land. The gold seekers came rushing in from all over the world. They claimed every stake of land they could to search for that treasure. Today, the California gold rush is over, and those Californians are no longer staking their claims, but now they are claiming their steaks. But there is a new gold rush afoot, and it’s not necessarily in California. It is right under your feet. If you are looking to stake your claim, you’d better listen up. There may be some gold sitting right under your nose and don’t even know it. Technology related to 3D scanning services may just make you a “money bags” yet.

Things have improved

In the past, diggin’ for gold was just that, a lot of diggin’ and a lot on panning for that precious metal. It was a lot of back breaking work just to find a spot to dig. Even then, there was no telling if it was going to be really worth the effort of not. Well, today in this day of technological advancement, you’d think that someone would have come up with something better that bending over with a shovel. It turns out that they have. With all of the 3D scanning services technology being applied to every aspect of life, it shouldn’t surprise us that someone has pointed that technology to the ground to make a 3D metal detector. If you are a treasure seeker then you should definitely look into this. We are talking about a device that can scan for gold. There are several types out there, too. There is the Gold Scan II, OKM fusion, 3D Ground Scanner EXP 4500, and many others.

Go find it

These treasure hunting 3D scanning devices are just what a person needs who is looking for any kind of treasure underground. Using 3D scanning services technology, this device can send back a visual of metal object beneath the surface. As you pass the device over the ground, it will let you see a three dimensional image of what it looks like below your feet. The data that appears on the screen will use a variation of color to show you what type of material is below. Even if you are not able to find some gold, you may stumble upon some other treasures, like wedding rings, money, etc. There’s no telling what you are going to find there.

So, I guess the new expression should be “Go get a 3D scanner, young man!” It would be a good idea before you do to make sure what you are buying is the real deal. There is another type of “gold digger” out there making fake devices that don’t work. Do a little research so that you don’t blow your money on one that doesn’t do the job.

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