3D Scanning for kids

Kids want to play

How many of you growing up were nothing but spoiled little brats?  Momma bought you everything you wanted. On the days she didn’t you would fall limp onto the store floor and scream “Waaaaah!” What you really needed was not a toy but a swift whack to the pants. Well, now that you have become parents yourself you realize the error of your parent’s parenting ways and have decided not to spare the rod.  Parent, though can’t be drill sergeants all of the time. They discipline but also need to let kids be kids and give them things to play. 

A Toy for the times

So today the job is easy. All you need to do is give them an iPhone, right? It works like a pacifier. No need for any switch to britches. Just stick a game in his hands when he starts to cry and the bawling stops, right? Let’s not fool ourselves. That mobile device is doing nothing but teaching those kids to waste time and look at things that he or she has no business looking at. What kids need these days is healthy toy. They need something that is going to help them develop creativity and logic skills. If they are going to be glued to the technology that Apple and Samsung keep blowing out the pipe, then these kids need toys that combine that technology with good constructive fun. One such toy is a kid’s 3D scanner. Such a toy brings 3D scanning services to the toy box.

3D Scanning in the toybox

The device is a 3D scanner made by the company Hasbro, and it uses a cellphone to put kid’s toys into digital form. This 3D printer is a pretty simple device. It has a platform with a crank that can rotate the platform 360 degrees. Also connected to the device is a mobile phone. The mobile phone captures pictures of the object as it rotates around. From the pictures, a special app can reconstruct a 3D digital images of the toy. The 3D image can then be used in different ways. It could be sent to some 3D scanning services to be printed out, or it could be used in a video game as an avatar. There are a lot of possibilities. Of course, we shouldn’t expect the quality to be the same as that of a professional scanners, like an EinScan-Pro+, but it is good enough for the kids to play.

learn and play

What a great way to help kids learn as they play. This toy scanner helps kids a get bit of understanding about what 3D scanning services do. It can familiarize them at a young age of with concepts about current technologies, so that when they get older and start to use them to apply to real problems that need to be solved, they will be ahead of the game. If kids are going to be on their computers all day, we should do our best to help them find productive ways to use them

there are options

Hasbro isn’t the only company doing 3D printers for kids. There are actually some other brands of kids 3D printers that are available, like the DAVINCI Mini Maker. You will definitely have to keep it in your reminder this winter when it comes time to buy Christmas presents. Hopefully you will find one you like before Christmas rolls around, otherwise you may have to endure a year of Teddy Ruxpin. Believe me. You do not want that.

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