3D scanning services - the shortcut to cad

why do it yourself, when you could pay us to do it?

We are all taught at a young age that taking shortcuts in life has consequences. Look no further than Little Red Riding Hood and her effort to save time and cost by finding the shortest traveling route to Grandma’s house. She weighed the risks and benefits, and decided that a shorter path was needed to avoid her competition getting to Grandma’s cookies first.

Well if Little Riding Hood were around today and needed to create a CAD model of her facility, she would be very wary of using 3D scanning services, because it is the ultimate shortcut to receiving a high quality CAD model. After all, it seems so easy. You just invite the Arrival 3D scanning services team to your facility to spend a few days taking scans, wait a couple weeks, and presto, here is the CAD model. Or perhaps she has a hand-made prototype for a new product that needs to be reverse-engineered for manufacturing.

Is it really that easy? All she has to do is put the part in a box, mail it to the Arrival 3D scanning services lab, wait a week or so, and presto, she gets a CAD model? Well we are here to tell you that indeed it is that easy, and there is nothing the Big Bad Wolf can do about it. He can try to copy her idea, or leave her a bad google review. But eventually the Big Bad Wolf will realize that his days of eating Little Red Riding Hood are over, and he will go back to school to study to become a physical therapist. Where does Grandma fit into all of this? She is doing the books and providing weekly reports on all of the savings and profitability that Little Red Riding Hood is experiencing thanks to 3D scanning services and the shortcut to CAD.

You may ask, what are the advantages of 3D scanning beyond just shortening the time it takes to get a CAD model? One advantage is the fact that you don’t have to “DIY” (do it yourself). Much like tiling, building a fence or piano tuning, 3D CAD modeling is a specialized skill that has a right way and a wrong way. The likelihood of a first-timer getting a tiling job right on the first try is not very high. The same goes with CAD modeling; if you are planning to teach yourself or learn on the job, it is best left to a pro unless you want t drag it out for weeks only to have a less-than-satisfactory result. With 3D scanning services you get it done the right way and quickly, so you can proceed with confidence. Of course, with any industry, there are going to be some unprofessional or low-end 3D scanning service companies that are below par in terms of quality. But that is not the case with Arrival 3D. You can be assured that you will receive the highest quality result that can be used for 3d printing services, machining, waterjet cutting and many more manufacturing processes.

Arrival 3D is your shortcut to CAD, providing high end 3D scanning services and CAD modeling services.

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