A 3D Scanning Your Fanny Chair

Ikea's 3D scanning services has got something for you

IKEA is a great place to shop. I mean, that place has everything you need. It even has all that stuff that you didn’t even think you would need. I remember when my wife and I went there to buy a couple things. We strolled through the entire store and by the time we got to the checkout counter our whole cart was full of things we didn’t realize that we needed. After that I had to go back through the store to find the thing we originally came for but forgot to get. Quite an amazing store. But there is something going on at IKEA. It is something very peculiar that I think. it is time that we get to the bottom of it. You need it. Before you get it, though, there is something that IKEA does not have that you have. It is something that they need from you in order for you to get what you need from them. Are you confused already? Well, let me tell you what it is. It is a scan of your rear. Wait..what? No, we didn’t just change channels on you. IKEA needs to use 3D scanning services on your behind to give you a perfect seating arrangement.

Get to the bottom of serious 3D scanning business

So what in the world is this thing? Some more information is going to be necessary to convince people to run to IKEA to get their bottom scanned. This is a personally crafted ergonomically designed chain that fits your sit exactly. Although you might think it belongs to the butt of some joke, it’s not. This is a serious endeavor by IKEA that ought to sit down for. They are taking your comfort to the extreme. How they plan to go about collecting the rear-end data is a little uncertain right now. I do know though that they will have to use 3D scanning services technology to get the job done. They take a 3D scan and then use the data from that scan to 3D print a chair with a custom-fit seat.

3D scanning services aims for the gamers

Alright, hold on, keep your pants on. Before you go rushing to the store looking for a scanner to sit on, lets talk about why they are making this chair. One of the main reason for this unusual chair is so that gamers can sit comfortably while they play their games. You know that gamers can sit there for hours with their gaming machines. Why are all of the comfy chairs made for those guys who sit in offices all day. The guys who play all day need some comfort too. Well, it turns out that they are going to get it. Many moons are going to sit pretty happy because IKEA met 3D scanning services.

Not sure if you are a gamer or just a guy who likes to sit up at the counter with a bar stool.  Either way one of these chair would be nice. If not, well, there is plenty more that you can find at IKEA that you didn’t realize you needed, like one of those hand-powered flashlights.  If nothing else you can just go to get yourself a hot dog, and don’t forget a some Swedish fish!!

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