Turnaround time - the hallmark of good 3d scanning services

we understand that if 3D scanning services are too slow, they may not be useful to you.

When hiring a company to perform 3D scanning services such as Arrival 3D, the first question is always going to be “How much does it cost?” But the second question is frequently “What is the turnaround time?” Our motto is “on time, every time” because we know how important it is for you to receive the results from the 3D scanning services in a timely manner. You may have a project that is depending on the scan in order to proceed. You may be waiting for an inspection result before a product can be paid for by your customer. Or it may just be a personal project for which you have made promises and really need to keep the date. We know there can be a lot riding on your scan so turnaround time is a high priority. Let’s look at the factors that go into providing quick turnaround 3D scanning services. First we look at long range 3D scanning services.

There are two primary components that do into a long range 3D scanning job. The first is the onsite portion, or field data capture. As the customer you specify the date and time that the scan is needed, and work out an agreeable arrangement with the 3D scanning service provider. We would schedule the scan, travel to your location, conduct the scanning and return home. Depending on the project size, this could take days or weeks. In most cases these go off without a hitch, but sometimes things happen that cause delays. We can plan ahead, but we can’t always foresee the weather so far out. So weather is one factor that can delay scanning. Occasionally, 3D scanning equipment will have an issue and a delay is caused. There may be other factors as well such as other activity onsite in the same location that conficts with the 3D scanning, safety concerns, personnel issues etc. But barring any of these, the onsite 3D scanning services are completed as scheduled and the 2nd stage of the project begins – processing.

Processing a scan is an hourly-billed activity. Depending on how much work there is, processing can range from a few hours to weeks or even months. It is important to get a realistic turnaround time on the processing, and make sure expectations are understood on both sides. In some cases we can put multiple engineers on a project to speed up turnaround time. Generally it is wise to add in a little cushion in case things don’t go exactly as planned. That way we are less likely to blow the turnaround time and you aren’t disappointed.

In the event that we do miss our delivery date, you may be eligible for a discount. Talk to your 3D scanning service provider to find out.

For part 3d scanning services, the issues that affect timely delivery are a little different. Shipping can be a factor if you are shipping the parts to us. Usually things arrive on time but not always. Provided things are running smoothly in our lab we can usually turn parts around in 3-5 days. Larger orders or more complicated parts require more time. After the scanning is done it moves to our processing team. Having a great team allows us to quickly produce the CAD files that you are looking for.

On Time, Every Time. We may miss one now and then but it must be our standard, knowing how important prompt delivery of 3D scanning services is to you, our customer.

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