Bioprinting Human Tissue

With the ever changing possibilities and expectations of 3D printing and scanning, Organovo has managed to begin to tap into the potential of 3D printing in the medical world through bioprinting. Located in San Diego, this company designs and creates functional human tissues using their proprietary three-dimensional bioprinting technology. Their goal is to build living human tissues that are proven to function like native tissues within the human body. With reproducible 3D tissues that accurately represent human biology, the possibility for further medical research is significantly expedited, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Organovo gives pharmaceutical researchers the opportunity to test drugs on functional human tissues before ever administering the drug to a living person; bridging the gulf between preclinical testing and clinical trials.

Bioprinted Human Liver

Goals of Bioprinting for the Future

Organovo is not only interested in the printing of small test tissues. The overarching goal of this bioprinting technology is functional, and fully compatible organs. With the expansion of 3D technology in the medical field, the possibilities are endless.

Check out this video, and be sure to check out their website for more information on bioprinting.