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Using 3d laser scanning technology for the perfect fit

Technology has been steadily emerging in the world of fashion and giving us some jaw-dropping draping’s, patterns, clothes, and now shoes. Though HP is known to be a hardware company, one of the senior executives showed up to work wearing 3D printed shoes with the HP logo. Yes, this company makes some amazing laptops but now, with the help of a 3D laser scanning device, they can start expanding. Who knows, maybe the entire company will have matching 3D printed shoes, custom made for each individual employee?

Using 3D laser scanning, HP wants to enter the footwear field, and this would be a phenomenal idea since comfortable and chic shoes are trending. This industry is booming, and so is the 3D laser scanning industry. Combining the two can help them expand their business and double their profits.

Using 3D laser scanning allows custom made shoes to be made relatively fast. It adds protection to the feet, sizes them to be a perfect fit, and can add in extra cushioning where it’s needed. Using technology can change the design and style of the shoes based on the person. It can allow the shoes to become more functional and wearable.

What benefits does 3D laser scanning provide

3D laser scanning provides some unique benefits to the shoemaking industry that other technology can’t. Therefore, so many companies are expanding in this area. Look at some of the amazing benefits.

  • Versatility- 3D laser scanning allows scans to be done on several patients collecting information at a rapid pace. It also stores the information in the cloud and can be used as a future reference to see how someone’s feet change over the years.
  • Insight- It allows deeper insights to be made on an individual’s feet. They can use this information to create custom footwear that others can offer a customer.
  • Design- The design time is significantly less. When all the measurements are in one area, the design can be started immediately.
  • The Look Is Unique- The coolest feature of 3D laser scanning is that it can be designed for the individual once it gets sent to the editing system.
  • Materials- Using 3D laser scanning and 3D printing, the process and design time is not only cut in half, but it also uses way fewer materials than other ways of creating and designing shoes.
  • Speed- Gathering information on someone’s feet goes much faster than any other way. There are also no molds required.

Why is 3D laser scanning important

This technology opens a new way to gather information, store it, and use the data. There has never been anything like this technology, and it is developing rapidly. It allows a different kind of communication to occur, one where miscommunication doesn’t happen.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is changing our planet. People worldwide can use this tool to create better homes, streets, and now better clothing. As this technology continues to advance in unprecedented ways, we will find more ways to use it. The more places we can use this technology, the less waste we will make.

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