3D Scanning In Sports

3D Scanning services keeping Athletes at peak performance

Sports are a popular thing no matter where you call home on this planet. Everybody loves sports. Well, maybe not everybody is a fanatic, but most people like it to some degree. The thrill of seeing two teams battle for the prize is fun. Especially when the Olympics rolls around. We want to see the best of the best. We want to see the clash of the titans. Before you think, though, that what you are watching is pure skill against skill, you have to keep in mind that there are some other factors to consider. One of those is the equipment. If you put the wrong sized shoe on the fastest runner, he might possibly lose due to that equipment failure. The world of sports has a helper, thankfully. It is 3D scanning services.

3D Scanning makes for a perfectly fashioned fit

There are lots of ways that 3D scanning services is helping the athletes of this world compete to their potential. It is doing it by giving those athletes a personally fashioned fit. For example, there is footwear. The foot has a big part to play in most sports. Soccer, basketball, baseball, golf could not be played without a foot (unless it is the Paralympics, of course). So much depends on the foot in those games that having a custom-fitted shoe would seem like a must for top performance. That would be especially true for things like soccer and track running. Another example would be the helmet. Any of the extreme sports will generally require athletes to wear a helmet. Sports like motocross, rock climbing, and snowboarding requires them for obvious reasons. The problem is that those helmets are going to add some restriction to the athlete. It would be best to make a helmet that was designed to fit the contour of your head. Beyond that, we could go on and talk about all kinds of equipment.

Many benefits to sports using 3D scanning services

3D scanning services works in tag team with 3D printing. The 3D scanner captures the physical features of the athlete and then modifies equipment design according to those features. For example, a kayak could be specifically designed to fit a rider’s lower body using a 3D scanner, like an Arctic Eva 3D scanner. Such a scanner works by projecting light onto the object, which in this case would be a specific part of the athletes body. The scanner triangulates the reflected light to create a computerized 3D image of the athlete. From there it is simply a matter of designing whatever equipment is being made to the measurements of the athlete.

No doubt, 3D scanning services is a powerful tool to help athletes reach their full performance potential in the game. We shouldn’t underestimate the value of what 3D scanning services can do for athletic competition. In fact, a customer made piece of equipment might be just what is needed to give someone that millisecond lead over the competitor for the win. With the way. That athletics is constantly raising the bar or excellence, I would not doubt that it may come down to that.

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