3D Scanners Helping Identify Feet

3D laser scanning technology aids in solving crimes

Feet are a massive way a criminal can be caught. Instead of the original forms of taking pictures and guessing, investigators can now make 3D scans of an imprint to get exact details of a foot. 3D scanners have found uncommon ways to be useful more so than any other technology.

This technology has been evolving so rapidly that researchers say that this industry will grow by the billions in our economic market by 2025. 3D laser scanners went from giant chunky light using cameras to handheld devices that are very easy to use.

They are now some of the most accessible devices that are relatively budget-friendly compared to other objects in the technology field. They are fast and accurate and provide humans with the best assistance in gathering detailed information that would generally take a long time.

3D laser scanning is the act of stealing thousands of pictures per second, these pictures collect the tiniest details. Then the information is saved and can be manipulated in software or thoroughly researched in that program. If the user wishes, it can then be 3D printed.

Police using 3D laser scanners to catch criminals

3D laser scanners are able to take precise and accurate pictures of a scene. It captures everything, including footprints that can be sued to identify a criminal who was at the crime scene. This evidence can then be brought to court.

The system created for this use is called FARO, it sweeps the areas horizontally. It is able to capture millions of data points that would take the investigators hours. Later these data points are color-coded for reference.

Later on, these scans are able to be compared with other imprints in the system. This system is called CloudCompare, and it is free for the investigators to use. From these scans, ’ investigators can draw conclusive data from the footprints and other imprints.

Forensic science student, Eugene Luscio says, “In forensics, our next steps should be to continue to improve the analysis part of our findings. We have found new technologies that help in the documentation process. The real challenge is in the analysis.”

This information can be used to identify suspects, catch criminals, and be used in the court of law. 3D laser scanning provides evidence that can be used along with other forms of evidence in order to put the right person away without a doubt.

This hasn’t been a trending way, but with the adoption of this technology, it could improve the way police catch criminals.

3D laser scanners have found many ways to keep our streets and civilians safe and will continue to be a prosperous industry because of that. This technology is not just for an artist anymore it is for police officers and forensic investigators who are focused on making our lives as safe as possible and many companies are helping update the technology for this reason.

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