iPhone Gains New Tech

Taking your device to the next level of security

iPhone is one of the top brands in the technology world, and many of us own some sort of Apple product. It is a brand that not only creates some of the best technology we use every day but a brand that stays on top of the best technological trends. Apple has made some of the fastest, smartest, and speediest products on the market. They are forever competing with other brands, who, in return, are also trying to make better and more affordable products. So, what is next in the iPhone series? You guessed it, 3D laser scanning!

Apple never ceases to amaze us. 3D laser scanning has been one of the hottest topics for a little while and has entered many fields. Many people are gaining the benefits to this; it is about time it is added into our daily lives. How would it be incorporated in the next iPhone? It would be added to the facial recognition program. It would be inserted into the face sensor, and the 3D laser scanning equipment would make your phone safer.

This is an exciting step in iPhone evolution that would create secure phones that are not easy to hack and protect our information. Apple has been in the process for some time, and it is officially their next step. Apple has purchased a Seattle based AI company to help with their next step in creating faster and more accurate facial recognition programs. This company will help them focus on using 3D laser scanning and take their devices to the next level.

3D laser scanning is safe

Some may be concerned about the safety of using 3D laser scanning devices on the phone. However, when you first agree to use the facial recognition software, you allow Apple to use its information. This information will not change with the added 3D laser scanning software. In fact, it will make your phone more secure by making it less hackable. It will allow you access to your phone much faster than even the fastest version last year.

Above all, this will not harm you physically in any way. The coolest thing about 3D laser scanning equipment is that it is totally touchless and noninvasive. You will not be poked or prodded, it is an updated version of the camera that already scans your face. You will not get radiation poisoning or anything terrible from using a 3D laser scanning device.

This technology is changing our lives

There are so many more ways that 3D laser scanning has emerged in our lives and upgraded our levels of safety. It has made our world incredibly secure, and at the same time, it has allowed us to share information openly. This technology was invented in the 1960s but has advanced beyond what anyone would have imagined when creating this device. There are so many uses for this tool; it has created a competitive market between companies.

We are using 3D laser scanning devices to capture the real world and understand it better. Kids can use this device, elderly people can use this tool, anyone around the world who wants access to the knowledge 3D laser scanning provides can use this. It is simple, straightforward, and very accessible.

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