NFT's created by 3d laser scanning services

capture your one-of-a-kind object in digital form that can accrue value

They may be worthless, or they may make you a fortune, nobody knows. But people are looking for ways to get rich quick, and this may be one way if you are lucky. 3D laser scans are not in short supply, but if that special scan comes along that is like no other, you can use NFT technology to make sure that you have the original, and make some money on it. 

An NFT scan would naturally likely be in color, because the physical likeness needs to be very close. There are not too many color scanners that are very accurate. So how is it done? Well truth be told, the scanning process is no different than an object that was not captured by 3D laser scanning services. You simply have a 3D laser scan file instead of say a 2D image file. The digitization process may be very important if there is a real-life example of the object that is being sold as well. If the original exists, the scan copy will need to be of high quality so as to accurately reflect the appearance of the real one. But it may be that the original item is either destroyed, or perhaps kept by the artist and not sold. The scan may also be the starting point for creating something more involved, such as using 3D modeling tools to create a unique piece of art. 

NFT’s are also ways to create digital duplicates of real objects, such as movie set pieces or pieces of clothing that famous people have worn An example is a 3D laser scan of Michael Jordan’s shoe.  3D laser scanning services make this possible for nearly anything. 

Why are 3D laser scanning services important in creating NFT’s?

3D laser scanning services provide an entry point for physical objects that cross over to the digital realm where there value is unpredictable and unexpected. One can even take a scan of oneself and make their own body an NFT. This might be called an avatar. We all think of avatars as 3D models for use in games and movies, but how about as a collectible item in itself? I don’t know how popular you are, but my avatar would not sell like hotcakes. 

It is so easy to copy a 3D model file, maybe you just want a way to know you still have the original, unmodified version. It seems like a lot of trouble to utilize 3D laser scanning services for that purpose, but it is possible. 

In the case of a celebrity, they would utilize 3d laser scanning services to create their avatar, and then likely they would create limited editions so they can sell multiple copies. 

There are many celebrities these days, and we call some of them “influencers”. They would like nothing more than to have a 3D model captured of themselves as another way to showcase their main attraction. 

Why choose 3D laser scanning?

With the advent of NFT’s, a scan can now be attached to a value. 3D laser scanning services is a means of producing this 3D content, and a good one at that. 3D color scanning is the way of the future. 

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