Structured Light Scanners

Structured light scanners are typically mounted on a tripod and generate a striped or plaid pattern from the scanner’s projectors. The light pattern is projected onto the surface of the object to be scanned and observed by the scanner’s camera or cameras. The scanning software is then able to construct 3D point clouds from the camera images using photogrammetry.

When it comes to speed and data quality, structured light scanners are becoming the preferred scanning method. With better cameras, electronics and processors, new structured scanners can capture higher detail than ever before and work under a wider variety of lighting conditions and surface finishes. Structured light scanners are typically used indoors, though outdoor scanning is possible using a tent or canopy to block direct sunlight.

Here is a list of a few structured light scanning systems that are available on the market now:

Evatronix HD QuadroEvatronix HD Quadro

The Evatronix Heavy Duty Quadro is a rugged, versatile scanner capable of high accuracy and a wide measurement range. It can scan with blue, red or green light. It’s dustproof, waterproof casing protects the scanner and reduces the need for frequent calibrations. It rivals the best in terms of accuracy and data quality.


Evatronix HD OptimaEvatronix HD Optima

The Evatronix HD Optima offers high accuracy at an excellent price. With 5MP cameras and long life blue LED source, it is a very versatile and portable scanner. Its rugged construction and simple setup makes it easy to transport. When combined with the optional turntable, it makes a great all-around scanning instrument.


Evatronix HD BasicEvatronix HD Basic

The Evatronix Heavy Duty Basic enables you get high end 3D scanning technology at an affordable price. It has a rugged enclosure and is easy to setup, handle and operate. It features a blue light projector and two 1.5MP camperas. It is a great scanning tool for education, R&D, and small business uses.


atos-triple-scanATOS Triple Scan

Using this brand new technology from GOM, the ATOS Triple Scan produces a high accuracy and improved measurement of shiny surfaces, complete data on complex components with deep pockets or fine edges such as turbine blades, reducing the number of individual scans and resulting in a simple handling.


Aicon Brueckmann SmartscanAicon Breuckmann Smartscan

High data quality and easy handling for your challenging scanning tasks. If your projects require maximum measurement speed or the highest resolution in the digitization of your components is necessary – the Aicon Smartscan sensors provide uncompromising flexibility and data quality.

If you are comparing ATOS vs. Brueckmann vs. Aicon scanners, you are at the top of the market and should be prepared to spend some money. However, we recommend that you have a look at the Evatronix HDQ (Heavy Duty Quadro). It has comparable capabilities at a much lower price.