3D Scanning Services Set to Speed Up Security at Airports


August 13, 2018


3D scanning services will soon be speeding up airport security at the carry-on checkpoints. Starting in soon, JFK airport will begin using 3D scanners and software from 3D scanning company Analogic


When a bag goes through the machine, the scanners are able to capture what’s inside, much like a CAT scan. The 3D CT software allows the viewer to rotate the image for a 360-degree perspective and zoom in on certain objects. This technology makes examining a cluttered bag even simpler. The software also can add color to certain items that may be potential threats. Threatening shapes like knives, explosives, or guns will be easier to spot inside the cluttered bag using 3D scanning instead of the traditional x-ray machines. Speeding up the TSA agent’s job will help you get through the airport security line faster. 


“If you unpack the clutter, the officers are able to delineate what’s suspicious and what’s not faster,” says Jon Stone, Analogic associate. 


Airports in Boston and Phoenix already have the new technology. The TSA hopes to implement the 3D scanning technology in 15 airports around the United States. By January 2019, forty scanners will be located in Oakland, Las Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Houston, St. Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Dulles, and JFK. Eventually, the TSA hopes to launch 2,000 scanners in every airport nationwide.


The chief of security at American airlines promises, “It’s a huge security enhancement from a 3D perspective, and from a customer aspect, it will speed our customers through the checkpoint, which is huge for all of us.”


The 3D scanners are also projected to allow more packing freedom as well. Thanks to the innovative application of this 3D software, passengers may be allowed to carry on larger amounts of liquids and gels in their carry on. 


3D scanning services improves airport security speed and accuracy, and may even free us up to bring those nice-to-haves on our carry-on. We can’t wait to see how 3D scanning technology is applied in the next industry.


How would you apply 3D scanning services? 


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